IBM Flex System x240

I am very proud to showcase IBM Flex System x240, yet another high end graphics enabled solutions for Citrix XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro in partnership with the major OEM partner, IBM on the XenServer Hardware Compatibility Listing (HCL). Complementing other certified servers such as the IBM iDataPlex DX360 M4.

This is welcome news for both Citrix and our customers,  given the reliability of the hardware and  the popularity amongst our customer base for  IBM solutions.

Users who work on high graphic intensive applications in the past experienced difficulties working in collaboration across geos and sharing designs while being efficient with limited budget on legacy infrastructure. Citrix solutions now address and overcome all  such concerns especially with the development of new technologies such as the NVIDIA vGPU technology integration, currently exclusive to Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop.  The IBM servers are fantastic platforms to take advantage of these and the existing graphics solutions available via HDX 3D Pro. IBM have worked in multi-way partnerships with the Citrix and NVIDIA teams as well as major 3D and CAD software vendors (such as PTC Creo) to engineer optimizations into the servers.

Flex System, a part of the IBM PureFlex System, servers are known for  full built-in support of compute, storage and networking to speed provisioning and increase resiliency. The hardware being true to its name is one of the market’s most flexible solutions, offering wide variety of choice with underlying hardware, middleware and virtualization technologies. The reduction of deployment risks of Citrix Desktop and Citrix XenApp solution that it offers when it comes to storage sizing and implementation mistakes combined with the overall user experience of its integrated management tool is a complete delight to the Datacenter and Cloud Admins across the world.

The new IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure is a desktop virtualization reference architecture solution built on a broad range of IBM servers using Citrix XenDesktop in a way that reduces the need for expensive shared storage SANs and instead maximizes the use of local storage. This tremendously simplifies the implementation of hybrid cloud solutions which also uses other products from the Citrix Integrated stack like Citrix Netscaler and Citrix CloudBridge along with XenDesktop and XenApp. I shall also urge you to watch out this space, where experts from NVIDIA, Citrix and IBM are collaborating together to write series of blogs for customers to get latest information about reference architectures, designs related to graphics acceleration. Check those out!

I am from the QA Cloud Platform Group Division of Citrix focusing on XenServer and it has been a fascinating and rewarding experience working with Partners and vendors certifying their products with ours. We have more exciting news coming very soon with respect to graphics scalability,  and I would suggest keep an eye on our updates 😉 You can read more about the processes of certification and stress testing we undertake jointly with hardware partners on some of my other blogs.

Lastly, I urge you not to miss a seat (or at least watch the blogs and webinars about) at this week’s  Citrix Synergy event May 6-8, Los Angeles USA where IBM will be showcasing their solutions using our products! This event is an excellent platform to learn not only from Citrix but also from other partners and customers. Cheers!