If you have ever had a great idea for building something new or integrating with a Citrix product but were frustrated with finding the right resources to help, the new Developer site should help.. a lot.

The value of Developers for IT organizations, ISVs, and IT vendors is more important than ever yet we know to much time gets spent googling for APIs, code samples and answers to easy questions. We know that developers want to get things done, build cool things, and not waste time getting there. Thats why we have built new Citrix Developer community site, and will continue to invest in the future.

You can use the new Citrix Developer website to find SDKs, APIs and tools for all the Citrix products plus the new Citrix Developer Exchange forums to ask questions, get answers from experts.

We have also have code samples for many of the SDKs and we are looking for your new ideas and examples as well to share with the Citrix Developer community. More videos and enhanced documentation are all part of the future plans.

If your are an architect trying to automate your Citrix environment, a partner building a Citrix Ready product, or if your developing the next cool Google Glass app, check out the new site.


We also want to hear from you ! Ask questions, make suggestions, tell us your ideas, follow us on twitter @CitrixDeveloper

What makes a great tech community is when everyone gets involved and participates, so go find what you need and get coding !