Synergy always brings a few surprises for the industry, and this year is no different.  If you read this great blog entry by Brad Anderson from former colleague from Microsoft, today’s announcement about Citrix Workspace Services  shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone following the long standing partnership between our companies. I spent some time going over this history with Brian Madden last week and if you think about it, our collaboration to provide Azure-based cloud Workspace services, starting with DaaS, is a natural next step.

Brad says it very well in his blog, but I’d like to add this thought – Citrix recognizes that two things help us sustain our leadership and compete effectively in this market: our broad and loyal customer base and the strength of our partnerships. If we pay attention to those two things, the technologies and solutions will follow suit. This announcement with Microsoft, our focus on enabling our joint partners with our solution, and our commitment to helping customers manage hybrid cloud transitions are an example of that focus.