Working at Citrix has its perks. I get to work on teams with some of the smartest people in the industry but equally important is working for a company with a singular focus that you believe in. Citrix is on a mission to enable new ways for people to work better.  I’m not sure anything could be more important in our industry and today’s announcement of Citrix Workspace Services is our next step in this mobile workspaces vision. I wanted to take some time and outline some of the important aspects of Workspace Services for partners and customers.

Workspace Services – Choice. Versatility. Extensibility. Experience

Citrix Workspace Services is a cloud-based platform that enables service providers, system integrators, enterprises, and ISVs to quickly and simply design and deliver mobile workspaces that encompass apps, desktops, mobile and data services for people to work better.

Workspace Services delivers new levels of choice, versatility, extensibility, and experience: The choice to leverage public clouds, private clouds or existing on-premises infrastructure; the versatility to deliver the wide range of mobile workspace services; the extensibility of a cloud-based platform for partners to build differentiated solutions; the user experience Citrix customers have come to expect.

Workspace Services  Design, Build and Deliver Mobile Workspaces

The service consists of 3 core elements:

  • Cloud-based Control – A single place to go to define, design and deliver mobile workspaces as well as view insights and analytics for your users and deployments. The control plane is built on Microsoft Azure and is engineered for high availability, global reach, and security.
  • Resource Providers – A building block approach to define and design mobile workspaces. Resources like desktops, windows apps, mobile apps can be customized to utilize existing infrastructure such as Active Directory, network connectivity, storefronts, and gateways to personalize how the resources will be delivered.
  • Resource Zones – Where the resources actually reside. Select the best infrastructure location based on where your resource –  a desktop, application or data – will run best. Do not be shackled by where someone else says your resource should run. Choose resource delivery from a private datacenter, public cloud, or combination depending on your business needs for a particular mobile workspace.

These elements enable Citrix services to be deployed on multiple clouds/infrastructures, support more than just desktops, and provide different layers of control depending on the end-user’s preference.

Integrate Workspace Services with Existing Deployments

You can utilize Workspace Services to give your end users a well known look and feel to access their apps and desktops whether these are existing apps, desktops, and data or newly provisioned from Workspace Services.

Workspace Services also includes user-focused service insights. You can use this feature to monitor and analyze new apps, desktops, mobile and data service.  Also, connect it with existing XenApp and XenDesktop environments to leverage the functionality to view end user experience, usage, environment and service performance and correlate these across the end to end delivery path.

Extensible Platform for Customers and Partners

Workspace Services can be extended by partners such as service providers and system integrators. The cloud-based platform will expose an API to provide functionality for designing and delivering mobile workspaces as a global, highly available, and secure service.  Utilize this extensibility point to gain access to integrate your services with this platform in order to removes the responsibility of managing Citrix infrastructure (such as controllers) and concentrate on delivering business value to your customers.

If you are a partner looking to redirect your customers to deliver mobile workspaces on your infrastructure cloud, then integrate with the cloud resource provider API and immediately enable your customers to deliver mobile workspaces based on your cloud infrastructure. Give users the optimum experience by placing their workspace where it will function at its best.

As we announced, we’ll have a technical preview of Citrix Workspace Services later this year. Register for more information about the tech preview by visiting