Well, I’m sitting here on a packed flight QF11 from Sydney to LA (don’t worry, I’m in economy class) on my way to Anaheim and thinking about my week ahead at Synergy…

Unless you have been living under a rock without any phone coverage, you should all know by now that Synergy is on next week and it’s jam packed with content – blah blah blah (you can read all about that good stuff in the other posts), but this post is for the “not so fortunate” ones.

The ones that have to “hold the fort”, the ones that “didn’t get approved”, you may have even been told that “we just don’t have the budget this year, but I’ll bring you back a copy of the slides”.  I feel your pain, in fact I’ve been there many times before myself and I understand how you may have trouble justifying why your boss, your team, the folks in operations, the cleaner and the receptionist get to go but you don’t… actually if this is the case, you may want to start looking for a new job.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, I’m here for you – It’s going to be ok.

This year, Amanda Saunders and I will be hosting SynergyTV, a TV broadcast (streamed and recorded) live from Synergy.  That means that no matter where you are in the world you will be able to tune in to our shows and also watch and interact with breakout sessions as they happen.  I know that my Mum will certainly be tuning in – she’s my biggest fan you know.

The SynergyTV format is brand new and really exciting, behind the scenes there have been so many creative meetings, I’ve even had to take myself to the hairdresser this week and battle with the conundrum of the fact that I have nothing to wear (something I thought I would never worry about as a computer engineer).

But back to you, I think you really need to let bygones be bygones and embrace your remote Synergy experience.  Can I suggest getting yourself a big screen TV, and settle it to a LoveSac for that premium seating experience.  That thing even has cup holders which will be perfect for my next suggestion.

Make sure you tweet photos of yourself watching the broadcast with the hashtags #citrixsynergy and #tv.  Make your viewing location memorable!

Any so you’re thinking whoop-dee-do, he says get a glorified beanbag and you’ll feel like you’re part of the action…  wrong.  You’re also invited to the party.  On Synergy party night (or whatever time it falls in your day) – nothing says a celebration of Citrix’s 25th birthday more than mixing up a Citrus cocktail.

And so when someone walks into the room and catches you out at 9:30am after cocktail number three – you can ramble off the fact that Citrix was once called Citrus and that it’s always 5pm somewhere – that somewhere being Anaheim in this case.
Now my final advice for getting through the week whilst your colleagues pickup as many free pens and stress balls that their luggage allowance will permit – it’s office prank time.  I highly recommend (but don’t endorse) the ideas for pranks available here.

Make sure you also tweet us (#citrixsynergy #tv) with pictures of anything you come up with… I’ll ensure they get to air.

So finally, all is not lost – you may be stuck at home base, but with your imagination and the magic of SynergyTV, let’s make it a week to remember.

See you next week!