Networking track list of sessions at Synergy 2014 is more than ever before!  Some are with customers telling the solution story, and some are with NetScaler engineers themselves or networking folks that regularly meet with customers to give you examples of why Citrix networking products are the best front end for critical apps and how the products help customers’ networks for security, scale and rockin’ performance. Here are some of the networking sessions below:

SYN101 Accelerating cloud deployments with NetScaler VPX
SYN102 Increase network performance without doubling your budget
SYN104 Leveraging NetScaler SDX to simplify network consolidation
SYN201 Architecting a scalable and more secure next-gen datacenter
SYN202 Architecting and automating the next-gen datacenter with software-defined networking in mind
SYN203  Why NetScaler is the best front end for Microsoft and web apps
SYN205 Maximizing performance and security with a NetScaler and XenMobile solution
SYN206 Update on NetScaler and Cisco Nexus integrations
SYN207 Newest and coolest NetScaler features you should be jazzed about
SYN208 Scale and design XenApp/XenDesktop with built-in HA, security and app visibility
SYN209 HDX Insight and Director for total application visibility in XenApp and XenDesktop environments
SYN236 Network integration design for NetScaler SDX
SYN301 Best practices for a Cisco ACE to NetScaler migration
SYN302 Build HA, security and app visibility into XenApp and XenDesktop environments with NetScaler
SYN321 Customizing and securing NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront and XenDesktop
SYN103 Qualcomm ITNET: A Network Virtualization and Private Cloud Case Study

The sessions above do not include the various networking Learning labs as well as demo pods that Synergy attendees definitely should visit.   There are NetScaler Rocks T-shirts that will be given away at the Expo NetScaler demo pods if attendees do visit there. In addition, if attendees come with questions during Q&A for the NetScaler sessions above – very stylish and cool NetScaler Jerseys will be given away that is a must have before leaving Synergy!

Here are the details of the networking sessions and looking forward to seeing you all next week!