The initial release of DesktopPlayer that was launched earlier this year has been building strong momentum with customers. It’s no wonder given two key inexorable dynamics: 1) the rapidly increasing adoption of Macs amongst both consumers and enterprise users and 2) the increase in BYO program adoption by enterprises.

DesktopPlayer for Mac enables Windows virtual desktops to run locally – regardless of network connectivity – on BYO and corporate-issued MacBook devices. Part of the local mode of the XenDesktop FlexCast delivery model, DesktopPlayer enables IT to extend the benefits of centralized, single-instance management to on-the-go MacBook users – without interfering with their personal Mac environment.

This year’s Synergy event will build on DesktopPlayer’s momentum with some exciting announcements that make DesktopPlayer even more compelling. The best way to find out about the latest DesktopPlayer innovations is to attend Synergy in Los Angeles in May. Synergy session ‘SYN220Cutting the cord: virtual desktops to go on corporate and BYO Macs’ will give you all the details you need to understand and embrace the wave of Mac adoption with DesktopPlayer. And, we’ll be demonstrating the latest features of DesktopPlayer at the Solutions Expo at booth #17.

Interested in getting started with DesktopPlayer? Here are some key resources: