With only hours remaining until the most concentrated technical training event of the year, all eyes are on Citrix Synergy and the learning opportunities that abound.  Eager attendees are carefully building their itineraries to accommodate an abundance of new labs and breakout sessions.

Did you know that we offer a similar a-la-carte training experience throughout the year?

We asked one of our Master Citrix Certified Instructors (CCIs) to walk you through our custom training offering – and why it’s the perfect complement to your Synergy experience – whether you’re heading to LA or enjoying the live stream from the comforts of your home of office.

Let’s hear from Robert…

As a Master Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI), I spend the majority of my waking hours in a Citrix environment – either in a consulting or classroom capacity.  A life-long student myself, I am passionate about my profession and dedicated to delivering the right training experience for others.

Key words: the right training experience.

With over 1,600 hours in the cockpit as a pilot and flight instructor, I know first-hand that the right training experience is mission critical.

Has your team had the right Citrix training experience?  I’m here to help.

One of the best-kept secrets of the Citrix Education portfolio is the custom training offering.  There is no other training experience that rivals building a course specifically designed for your team, for your environment – delivered at your location!

Let me give you an example…

I’m delivering a class in Toronto next week. The engineering level folks already understand XenApp 6.5, but really want to explore XenDesktop 7 – or more importantly (to them) – XenApp 7.5. They also want to deep dive on Provisioning Server 7.x.

We thoroughly scoped their requirements and built out a custom course, pulling elements from the XenDesktop 7 Design course, XenDesktop 7 Deploy course, and the Synergy PVS labs.  In addition to the courseware and practice labs, I also plan to whiteboard the design decisions – taking into account their specific needs as we talk through alternatives.

Talk about the right training experience!

Read on to learn about the unique benefits of custom training and hear more from recent customers – or contact the Citrix Education team to get started on your next class.

Customized Content

The first thing that most people think about when they purchase a custom training course is the material and labs that will be used.  During the scoping phase of the engagement, we get on the phone with our customer and learn about their environment and what they hope to accomplish. Then we pull from an arsenal of items for content, including standard courseware, Learning Labs and internal training resources.

 “Our custom Citrix training, tailored to several different groups working all across the globe, was not only detailed to our needs but comprehensive enough to satisfy business demands.  In our complicated global environment, it was extremely helpful to have a trainer who was able to communicate with our diverse IT staff and who was comfortable teaching both in person and via web conferencing.  Customized training enabled us to learn the nuts of bolts of our new Citrix environment quickly and painlessly. “ – Julie, Medical Device Co.

It is specifically beneficial for our organization to have onsite training on the new Citrix XenDesktop 7.x training because of the interactive nature of the training rather than one size fits all traditional classroom. Technically we can interrupt the flow and discuss real life implementation and make better judgment on how to implement it in our design.”” – Sadettin, Fortune 500 Logistics Co.

Consultative Approach

In advance of the training, we work directly with the project’s technical team to get the lay of the land prior to coming onsite.  That way we can ensure that both our CCI and the content are prepared for the environment. We also have access to the project architect and extended Consulting Services team (if there is an extended Services project) in case questions arise during class.  We’ve done many classes ahead of a Consulting engagement to provide a seamless transition from classroom to onsite implementation.

“What’s great about private training from Citrix is that we’re able to bring real-world situations into the class.  This format makes it easy to bridge the gap between what we learn in the classroom and what we actually need to do in our jobs.  This is what makes the customized training so valuable – we use the knowledge instead of forgetting it.” – Dennis, Regional Healthcare Organization

“The customizable Citrix training provided our engineers with the level of detail they required to come back and support the company’s environment. This allowed us to get the most value in content covered over the course of the training.” – Jessica, Managed Care Provider

“Custom training was perfect for those of us in an operational role – we could skip the parts that would normally be spent on areas that wouldn’t concern us at all, and concentrate on those areas that will have a direct impact on our daily work.” – Jay, Energy Co.

Relevant Application

All Citrix courses are taught by a CCI (Citrix Certified Instructor); however, on the custom side of the house we are able go a little deeper. My team brings years of real-world experience into the classroom from both a Consulting Services and Education background. We live and breathe Citrix to ensure that we ourselves have the skills and experience to build and deliver a highly customized course.  It’s not unheard of for me to set the course materials aside and spend a few hours at the whiteboard to deep dive on hot topics or demonstrate application to the environment in question.

“Our instructor’s ability to customize the course content to my firm with a 40k user base and an extremely complex setup was a huge win for us…with Robert’s customizations, we were able to spend significantly more time doing a deep dive into the components we use.  This provided significant and meaningful efficiency gains for our SAs.” – James, Fortune 500 Investment Bank

“The Citrix custom training program allowed our employees to get training on the products and features we use at our company, at the right depth.  The technical teams loved the instructor being able to shift on-the-fly to go into greater detail about a particular program or feature and skip over content that was understood.  Our organization is completely spoiled by Citrix custom training!  Being able to customize a class for the technical components that are relevant to the products we’re using is a tremendous value-add.” – Kevin, Fortune 500 Insurance Co.

I hope that you’ll continue to follow this series and learn how to build the right training engagement for your team – and most importantly, how it benefits both your people and your products.

In the meantime, feel free to drop a comment here on your experiences with Citrix training or reach out to the Education team for additional details on customizing a course.

Take it from me, the right training is a mission critical decision…

See you at Synergy!

Robert Morris
Master CCI