This month we’ve been celebrating our 25th birthday at Citrix. Sure, there’s always energy and buzz around here — it’s just our culture. But add in a red velvet cupcake and some triple chocolate ice cream and the place is jumpin’. Happy birthday, Citrix!

As we look back at Citrix history, we see that while our technology has changed dramatically, our vision to change the way business and people work has not. We are still making it easier for people to choose how and when work happens. This stability of purpose amid changing technology has helped us succeed.

Similarly, recruiting’s vision to attract and hire the most talented people has not changed. But technology has changed how we recruit. New products and services have helped recruiters become smarter, allowing more efficiency and productivity than ever before.

We have incredible amounts of information. Today’s advanced analytics can lead to analysis paralysis because we have access to just about anything we want to know about candidates — personal and professional. Candidate information is complemented by other key data such as job market trends, the competitive landscape, and of course, the effectiveness of our sourcing strategies.

Technology can take recruiters directly to the doorstep, or inbox, of the most highly sought after candidates in the market. Luckily, we are prepared when we arrive, already knowing candidate preferences, hobbies, perks they love, and even who’s in their network. At times, we basically have enough candidate information that an interview almost becomes a formality. We’re ready to hire even before the candidates apply.

If information and data are power, recruiting should be at the peak of great strength. But is it? How much of an edge does information give us in the war for talent? Knowing which people to fight for and what to bring to the fight is great, but usually the opponents know all that, too.

In many ways, the war for talent is won the same way it always has been: not with stalker-like insights about candidates (“I see you’re a baseball fan. Me too!”) but rather with an incredible workplace.

It’s a tough fight. That’s why we remain vigilant to keep Citrix a great place to work. Our recruiters appreciate the new level of detail and data technology provides. It’s powerful to know so much about candidates’ work history, and to have even seen photos of their pets. Thanks, technology. What’s more important for us is to know that we’re offering admission to a company that creates amazing products and services. Our jobs are easiest when we can invite people to work on projects that are challenging and offer advancement. We’re selling careers at a company that’s fun and flexible, where smart people can collaborate with other smart people. And we reward employees financially and value them professionally and personally. All of those things can be much more powerful than technology in this war.

I’m still grateful for all that technology has brought to recruiting — including using this post to invite you to apply for a job at Citrix, and getting a text telling me that today’s birthday celebration includes cheesecake.