In many companies software developers do have a “special status” when it comes to the PCs they use for development purposes. Some of them have unmanaged PCs, some of them are running a virtualization solution like VMware Player or VirtualBox on their PC, some of them even have multiple PCs as they need to simulate different workloads or development environments. Such environments mostly are very inflexible in terms of where to work from and they do cause noise, require physical space and are hard to manage. In addition, they often have very dynamic requirements like changing operating systems, adding resources and more to their desktops.

What about moving such work places into an on-premise cloud in your data center and offering them as a service through an intuitive WebPortal? Each user could assemble the desktop he needs on demand, can decommission it and in addition has full control – from everywhere in the world. How does this sound?

XenDesktop stand-alone in most cases cannot provide the flexibility required so a cloud solution like CloudPlatform is necessary.

If you are interested in this topic I highly recommend attending Session 114 at Synergy: SAP’s implementation of private clouds in vertical industries

In this session you will learn how SAP deployed Citrix CloudPlatform in an enterprise environment to centralize their developer desktops on a global perspective.

Looking forward to seeing you there!



SAP’s implementation of private clouds in vertical industries