Synergy is going to be incredible this year. For the uninitiated, this is our annual customer event, and it’s on next week. We’ll hear a lot of fantastic news from Citrix and our ecosystem. In the lead up to Synergy I’m excited to share an update on some of our Citrix Startup Accelerator startups.

Citrix Startup Accelerator works with enterprise startups creating the next generation of cloud infrastructure services, mobile enterprise solutions, and collaboration technologies. We invest in companies bringing new thinking, new technologies, and a fresh approach to today’s problems. Our charter is to foster the next generation of enterprise solutions by helping our portfolio companies develop strong market validation and achieve independent success. Along the way we help Citrix and our customers see what’s coming next.

So, with that in mind, here’s an update on just a couple of our companies and a hint of their value proposition. All of these companies have useful insights that change the game. All are thought leaders. All have a solid value proposition and are worth your review.

Would you like to:

See what’s actually going on out there? … Build transparency …

  • AppEnsure – “Manage and ensure the response time and throughput of every application you own in every location you run it” — Addressing a new Gartner category “Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring“, AppEnsure is particularly interesting for environments with multiple vendors such as Citrix, VMware, and NetApp working together.

Speed up deploying and updating IT assets? … Implement DevOps …

  • ScriptRock – Their product, GuardRail, brings DevOps to the enterprise. DevOps viability requires multiple steps, and one that is often missed is to fully understand and guarantee current configurations. GuardRail enables teams to scan, compare and control configurations and changes in the datacenter or the cloud. From there, the tool radically simplifies automation. ScriptRock is also leading the charge in educating enterprise IT about DevOps.

Avoid data leakage with enterprise web apps? … Secure Access …

  • Armor5 – “Zero Touch Cloud Security”, solves the challenges of web app data security without any changes on the client or server side. With the Armor5 solution, employees can instantly open up a session on any device or network to securely access/edit content stored on a huge range of enterprise web apps including Google Apps, SalesForce, ShareFile, Box and many many more, without any local device or network configuration. As administrator, you can see, manage and audit every connection. You might be surprised at how they do this.

Control who has access to what? … Continuous Compliance …

  • Tuebora – “Realtime continuous compliance” – In a world with ever more client devices, and a mix of on premise and cloud based applications, it’s a huge challenge to control exactly who has access to what resources and applications. This third generation compliance solution brings cloud agility to access compliance. Tuebora is on a mission to make IAM/IAG viable for organizations of any size.

Realize the promise of Private Cloud? … AWS agility everywhere …

  • CumuLogic – One of the unique features of AWS has been the ability to very simply provision, configure and manage a variety of cloud assets such as databases and caches. CumuLogic brings this capability to every IaaS cloud, public or private. Their headline product is to enable database as a service, with correspondingly dramatic improvements in developer cloud ROI and agility. “With its flexible architecture, CumuLogic Cloud Services Platform allows you to deliver “everything-as-a-service” so your business can achieve efficiencies and time-to-market, while maintaining governance, compliance and security across a federation of private, public and hybrid cloud resources.”

I’m going to be at Synergy for the first day (and for the day prior), so reach out if you’d like to catch up and talk startups, emerging trends, or to hear more about any of our Startup Accelerator companies.


P.S. Stay tuned for another update on some of our other companies.


Michael Harries

Chief Technologist, Citrix Startup Accelerator