Synergy 2014 is almost here! The complete Synergy Session Catalog showcases three full days of compelling breakouts focused on new technologies, success stories, practical guidance and proven methodologies.

I know what you are thinking. So many compelling sessions! Which ones should I attend?

So let me ask you this… are you facing any of the following problems in your datacenters?

  • Provisioning of IT services is still a manual or minimally automated process, which is extremely time consuming.
  • IT users are demanding new IT and cloud based services and we have no way to deliver such a broad array of services in a uniform manner.
  • The shadow IT problem – IT employees are using third party cloud services and our ability to maintain security, compliance, auditing and support is getting more and more challenging.
  • IT users now have an on-demand mindset! We need to turn around requests very quickly.
  • The ability to provide cost visibility/chargeback/showback to users or departments.

If any of these IT challenges sound familiar, you should find the SYN229 session quite informative. This year at Synergy, I have the opportunity to present What’s new in Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager with Jie Feng – Principal Product Manager for CloudPortal Business Manager.

During this session we will discuss how IT departments can…

  • Increase business agility by responding faster and delivering IT services more quickly
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing IT management costs and automating manual, repetitive tasks
  • Reduce capital expenditures by reducing workload deployment times and optimizing utilization
  • Consistently deliver internal and external services from a single interface.
  • Get cost visibility and handle chargeback through a unified cloud management solution.
  • Improve efficiency by providing simple, intuitive, personalized self-service experience and automated provisioning of service requests.

Please note that while the session is classified as technical, we will cover both business and technical aspects of Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager product so it should be an informative session for the business and technical audience. The session is scheduled on May 8, 11:30 am – 12:15 pm at ACC Room 304C.

We look forward to seeing you there!