The potential for the cloud to transform IT is real, and many businesses are already reaping its benefits.  Companies like Autodesk, British Telecom, SAP and Disney are already leveraging private and hybrid clouds to transform IT with cloud services.   As businesses look to expand their adoption and use of cloud-based architectures, they are faced with a thorny issue.  The majority of the applications businesses use were written before the cloud, and do not lend themselves well to a simple migration to public cloud-like architectures.  To fully leverage the efficiency and agility of the cloud, businesses need to orchestrate not just the new cloud-native applications but also these existing enterprise applications across private, public and hybrid clouds.

At Synergy, we will talk about this enterprise dilemma, what is at the root of this, and how Citrix is helping our customers solve the issue – both with Citrix CloudPlatform and with integrated cloud provisioning of XenDesktop and XenApp.  In SYN110, I will provide an overview of the current IT landscape, the current trends in cloud computing, and then discuss the enterprise cloud dilemma in greater detail and provide an overview of Citrix cloud solutions.  Throughout the week, we have a line-up of Citrix cloud customers who will share their real-world experiences of why they decided to build private clouds, their design considerations, and what worked and didn’t, along with in-depth product presentations that provide details on the Citrix cloud portfolio.    

Looking forward to great discussions in sunny Anaheim next week on the continuing evolution of cloud and enterprise mobility at Citrix Synergy 2014!