The fifth Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG) event was held on the 14th of March in Amsterdam. The location was provided by Dell. Together with the very enthusiastic and helpful people of Dell a successful event was delivered to the attendees.

Traditionally our chairman, Jon Jager, opened the event. Jon started by thanking our sponsors, without them we cannot make this event possible. Jon gave a special thanks to community members Geert and Bas that helped us out with the WiFi and the parking places.

The first session of the day was presented by Benny Tritsch (CTP) with the title

GPU-accelerated high-end graphics performance in Citrix XenServer/XenDesktop environments”.

In this session Benny discussed the different available GPU solutions within virtual infrastructures. The techniques with their possibilities and requirements were discussed in detail. Benny also discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor’s solutions.

Benny finished with a demo based on videos created by Benny and Shawn Bass, showing the performance differences between the products and vendors. The demo included content that Shawn created during the night before the event. That is community engagement!


Barry Schifferand Julien Stanojevic presented the second session of the day. In the presentation “SSL Performance deep dive featuring Citrix NetScaler” Barry and Julien started explaining SSL in general and which parts of the SSL flow are the most resource intensive. The next topic was on the results of the performance tests. These tests show remarkable results, which is definitely an eye-opener for the audience.

The next presenter was Andrew Wood (CTP). Andrew discussed in this presentation his five most import experiences
from the field. Topics as View in comparison with XenDesktop, NFS Kernel Ports, Power Settings in the BIOS, PVS is better than MCS and a performance comparison of Intel and AMD processors. Andrew discussed these topics including useful tips and tricks in an attractive, fun and instructive way.

After an excellent lunch it was time again for the Bring Your Own Sessions (BYOS). This time 12 sessions were proposed, where the audience could vote for their favorite sessions. The first selected session was NetScaler and StoreFront troubleshooting 101 by Timco Hazelaar (CTP). Timco discussed topics like NS traffic flow, placement of the NetScaler, firewall configurations and available tooling. Timco also provided the first steps for troubleshooting connectivity issues with the NetScaler and StoreFront. 

The second BYOS session was presented by Freek Berson and Wilco van Bragt (CTP). Freek and Wilco introduced AaaS (Agenda as a Service). The audience could choose which topics of their presentation Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS vs Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, a comparison the audience would like to see. The audience has chosen for the topics RemoteApp/Published Application, Load Balancing, User Profile Disk vs Personal vDisk and Remote Clients.


The third and last BYOS session was presented by Bram Wolfs. After an introduction of the changes made within App-V (in comparison with App-V 4.x) and the challenges of the available deployment methodologies of App-V 5 Bram continued showing his own developed freeware tool App-V 5 Scheduler in an extended demo.

The customer case App-V 5 with Remote Desktop Services was the last presentation of the day. In this Customer Case Danny van Dam shared his experiences and challenges with the implementation of App-V 5. The App-V 5 back-end, precaching of applications before or after the creation of the image, updating the sequences on the RDS Servers, Shared Content Directory and experiences with the App-V converter were just a couple of topics discussed by Danny.

Traditional the DuCUG event ended with a Geek Speak session. Kees Baggerman and Barry Schiffer were the moderators of the Geek Speak. Good discussions were held by the audience about topics like XenApp versus XenDesktop, Web Interface versus Web Interface, XenMobile and Desktop Player for Mac.


The day ended with some drinks, snacks, and time to discuss the day, exchange the latest information and get in touch with each other.