“Yes, thank you for joining us at Citrix Synergy 2014. This year we have three servings of the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps on the menu for one’s enjoyment. Let me start with the Entrée, a delightful slice of hands-on learning lab presented by Allen Furmanski. SYN601 – Mobilizing your enterprise apps with the Citrix Mobile SDK for Windows apps! is served in flavor of Android or iOS. This meaty session will more than whet the appetite for connoisseurs of fine code. You may have even seen his review of the dish via another Citrix Blog titled “Learn How to Mobilize Your Windows Apps with Hands-on Training at Synergy 2014!.”

“For main, a very generous portion of SYN510 – Kitchen magic: take yesterday’s Windows app, add some SDK and mobilize presented by our talented international chef de cuisine Jason Conger, Adrian Taylor and Warren Simondson. This twist on an old windows app, lightly baked with a fresh and vibrant mobility outer will set tongues tickling with the ease at which you mobilize your Windows application suite. Truly a delight for any aficionados with a taste for rapid mobilization.”

“Dessert! Oh dessert! Our experienced team of Steve Parry and Derek Thorslund will delight you with a scrumptious helping of SYN223 – To port or not to port: mobilizing Windows apps with XenApp vs. rewriting them for mobile. I’m sure your appetite will leave enough space for this unmissable session.”

“And for a final surprise you may wish to peek behind the curtain for a taste of our amazing Worx SDK. May I suggest sampling SYN214 – Securing and managing mobile applications and SYN309 – Secure custom or off-the-shelf mobile apps with the Worx App SDK and Worx App Gallery. A very palatable array of security and mobility.”

“Now, how many servings would one desire…….”

Warren Simondson is managing director and founder of Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, an Australian firm established in 2002. The company is known for the CAD Freeware Util Pack, a collection of 30 freeware utilities developed by Warren to extend the functionality and management of Terminal Server and Citrix environments. Warren has worked in the information technology field for over 15 years and is a Citrix Certified Integration Architect, Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer and Citrix Technology Professional. Follow him on Twitter: @Caditc.

Citrix invited the author of this blog post to present at Citrix Synergy 2014 and to participate in a related contest.  The author received an entry into the contest for submitting this Blog.