You’re invited…

For the second year in a row, I have the opportunity to present at Synergy #SYN115with Adam Lotz – Product Manager for Citrix ShareFile.  Our goal in this short session is to entertain you with design best practices and demos related to our joint solutions.

You can’t miss this session it is scheduled just before the Synergy Party on Thursday, May 8th from 4:30PM to 5:15PM.  You’re welcome to attend in your party outfit, so we could converge together to the event after the session.

#SYN115 – Empower Enterprises to Choose How Data is Accessed, Shared, Stored and Protected

ShareFile has changed the way I collaborate and exchange information.  My entire home directory that resides on my laptop is seamlessly synchronized with an on-premise Clustered Data ONTAP storage system.  I can access and modify the exact same data on my laptop, phone, and tablet.  Sharing large files has enabled me to be more productive when interacting internally at NetApp or with people out side of my organization.

Give it a try! You will love its user-friendly features.  Why on NetApp?  You will save space on your storage system, increase space dynamically, and easily recover files and folders with a sweet plugin… all while meeting any corporate compliance and security of your data.

This figure describes the targeted architecture for #SYN115

This session is designed for 45 minutes and we have included 10 minutes of Q&A.  By the end of this session #SYN115, you should know the answer to the following questions:

  1. What components are required to implement StorageZones in your data center?
  2. How much storage savings could you expect with ShareFile on NetApp?
  3. How to configure and automate file recovery for your users?

Note: To make the most of your session, I recommend you check the following solution guide before attending: TR4124 – covers the architecture developed jointly by Citrix and NetApp for running Citrix ShareFile with customer-managed StorageZones on NetApp® storage.

About Cédric Courteix,

As a manager in the Global Alliance at NetApp, most of his activities are focused on growing the partnership with other organizations. Many of the initiatives involve sharing resources between companies. These activities have a global impact on the go to market strategies. Collaboration on joint solutions implies multiple teams on both sides across various silos – including Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Legal. Before joining NetApp, Cédric worked for nine years as a Citrix Consulting architect, interacting with customers in EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

Citrix invited the author of this blog post to present at Citrix Synergy 2014 and to participate in a related contest.  The author received an entry into the contest for submitting this Blog.