Citrix Synergy event is coming up! May 6-8, 2014 Los Angeles, CA.

As always, we have amazing sessions, hands-on labs, geek-speak and other platforms for you to learn the latest and greatest in the field of Mobility, Cloud, Virtualization and Networking.

For folks interested in learning about THE  ‘Citrix solution’ to deliver applications (especially HDX apps) in the most optimum, secure, highly available fashion with complete visibility’, I have put together the following 9-step program:

[be sure to read through the blog, there is kicker at the end ;-0]

Step 1:  The program starts with a hands-on lab to learn, configure and deploy Citrix NetScaler to front-end and load-balance Citrix XenApp XenDesktop. SYN609: Front-ending and load balancing XenDesktop and XenApp with NetScaler (Hands-on learning lab) [repeat sessions]

Step 2:  Attend the breakout session on how to leverage the same NetScaler appliance (from Step-1) to securely deliver XenDesktop via StoreFront. SYN321: Customizing and securing NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront and XenDesktop (Breakout session)

Step 3: Learn how to further leverage the Citrix NetScaler appliance to scale XenApp/XenDesktop and achieve visibility into your network. SYN208: Scale and design XenApp/XenDesktop with built-in HA, security and app visibility (Breakout session) [repeat sessions] (click here if you would like to participate in this session’s discussion.)

Step 4: Listen to a Citrix customer who is currently leveraging Citrix NetScaler appliance to optimize XenDesktop to deliver best end-user experience [using features that you have learned so far (in Step 1 through 3). SYN302: Build HA, security and app visibility into XenApp and XenDesktop environments with NetScaler (Breakout session)

Step 5: Next, learn to extend [the same] Citrix NetScaler appliance for secure remote access to your Citrix XenMobile deployment! SYN205: Maximizing performance and security with a NetScaler and XenMobile solution (Breakout session)

Step 6: By now, you would have learned about the new HDX Insight feature that provides complete visibility into your Citrix Infrastructure. This is your chance to play with HDX Insight; a hands on lab to help you learn, configure and realize HDX Insight reports. SYN610: Enhancing visibility of applications with NetScaler Insight Center (Hands-on learning lab) [repeat sessions]

Step 7: In this breakout session you will learn how you can integrate NetScaler HDX Insight (from step 6) into Director (monitoring console for XenDesktop) to receive reports under a single pane of glass. SYN209: HDX Insight and Director for total application visibility in XenApp and XenDesktop environments (Breakout session)

Step 8:  We all know – Nothing’s perfect. The [almost] last step in the program is to acquire the tools that you will need to troubleshoot and make your Citrix infrastructure work! SYN401: How to troubleshoot deployments of StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway (Breakout session)

Step 9:  Get a Citrix NetScaler T-Shirt, have some fun, and win exciting prizes! Pay a visit to Citrix NetScaler Demo Pod booth at the Expo, take a selfie with a NetScaler appliance in the Citrix booth and share this on social media. The person with most likes, shares and retweets by 3pm on Thursday, May 8th will win a Drone.


[Additional Sessions]:
Now that you are a networking-expert on Citrix solution, and that you still got time (and brain power), you may like to attend the following Lab sessions and geek-speak live sessions:

  1. SYN326: Using HDX Insight to identify XenDesktop delivery bottlenecks
  2. SYN513: Risks, challenges, best practices and troubleshooting of NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront
  3. SYN604: Administering and troubleshooting XenDesktop 7.x
  4. SYN258: XenDesktop monitoring bake-off

If you have feedback/suggestions on plan, please feel free to share with us. We look forward to hosting you in Los Angles!

Note: Please note that certain sessions listed in the above program may have overlaps (according to the latest Synergy schedule 04/22); we are working to accommodate the over-laps by arranging repeat sessions.
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Disclaimer: Citrix invited the author of this blog post to present at Citrix Synergy 2014 and to participate in a related contest.  The author received an entry into the contest for submitting this Blog.