Well it’s near the end of April and for many of us here at Citrix, it can mean only one thing; we are busy with preparing for Citrix Synergy 2014 in Anaheim, California, which starts in just 14 days time at the beginning of May.

The past twelve months have been busy and never more so than with the build up to our conference at the Anaheim convention centre. For the Cloud Platforms Group within Citrix there is a lot for us to talk about, including updates across all our products; specifically, CloudPlatform and CloudPortal Business Manager provide greater cross-platform and ecosystem support.

Citrix XenServer has also received some special treatment, bringing vGPU support to the platform and integrating it with XenDesktop.  The performance is awesome, literally leaving the competition lagging behind. This in particular has great benefits for customers, who can now access and manipulate very large images and CAD files form thousands of miles away without ever needing to move vast amounts of data, enabling all data to be centrally held within the corporation’s data-centre.

There is of course, more and more interest in cloud technologies across the industry, regardless of business vertical or organisational size. The message is clear; customers want the flexibility and agility to adapt and scale their IT infrastructure to support their business’s needs on demand.  Citrix products allow you to do this and we already have in excess of 250 customers in production, across both the enterprise and service provider spaces, leveraging Citrix products to deliver the speed and agility to their businesses and those of their customers.

This year my focus has changed a little. I have moved from Product Management to Technical Marketing Management, with a remit across all Cloud Platforms Group products and as such, during Synergy, you will almost certainly be able to find me at the Citrix Cloud Platforms booth, where we will have product and solution demos.

Additionally this year, I am co-presenting a session, titled SYN227 Architecting your Private Cloud Infrastructure for Speed and Agility with CloudPlatform Solutions” with fellow Citrite Tom Davies (Snr Director of Product Management) and System Solution Inc (CEO Rich Wein and SVP Sean Dennin).
This is a technical look at the considerations necessary to architect cloud infrastructures within the enterprise and specifically how SSI has enabled virtual private cloud infrastructures for their customers, including some case study examples.

Learn how the Citrix CloudPlatform VPC enables multi-tier networking for your private-cloud enterprise application workloads.
Citrix CloudPlatform VPC Example

Hear real-world examples for real-world cloud use-cases, showcasing how Citrix cloud products have helped deliver the agility and efficiency demanded by today’s dynamic businesses!

I hope you are able to attend the session with SSI and feel free to drop by the booths (#21, #22, #24) for a chat.

Please also check out the great blog from Valerie DiMartino on “Gain Valuable Insight from Real-World Citrix Cloud Solutions Customers’ at Citrix Synergy“.