What happens when you get the Two Most Powerful Leaders to Meet?

Okay, maybe not the right picture in mind due to some animosity, but lets take it to another level.  What happens when two of the most powerful high-tech organizations meet?

I’ll tell you what happens. You get two companies that have been positioned in their respective categories as Leaders!  You are definitely talking to the best of breed technology leaders!

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Citrix NetScaler (Download)

Palo Alto Networks (Download)

Palo Alto Networks and Citrix deliver best-in-class solutions
Palo Alto Networks and Citrix have come together to deliver best-in-class functionality upon which enterprises can build next-generation cloud networks. In addition to sharing a common vision of how networks must evolve, each company is delivering best-in-class solutions that already meet these new requirements.

Citrix NetScaler is the industry’s most advanced cloud networking platform. NetScaler delivers applications, desktops and data with the best performance and availability for any network. Palo Alto Networks has revolutionized network security to meet the increasingly complex requirements driven by the growing number of applications running in the enterprise. Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls provide the unique ability to identify, control and safely enable applications, while continuously inspecting all content for all types of threats. The joint solution can be deployed independently as discrete appliances or virtual instances can be integrated on the Citrix NetScaler SDX platform.

The combined solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Secure access to any application regardless of location
  • Ensure datacenter compliance
  • Enable mainstream virtual desktop delivery
  • Pro-actively manage any attack at any scale
  • Transform to cloud networking

Meeting emerging network and business requirements
Palo Alto Networks and Citrix have forged a long-term, strategic partnership to deliver enterprises the essential functionality needed for building next-generation cloud networks. Unlike piecemeal approaches that introduce complexities and inefficiencies, our integrated solutions uniquely deliver the application intelligence and awareness required for safely enabling application access with the fastest application performance and greatest availability.

The broad partnership not only brings together best-in-class application delivery and network security solutions, but an integrated business approach that solves customer challenges – spanning comprehensive network assessment, design, support and problem resolution.

Learn more about the partnership – Expert Blogs

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Validated Joint Solutions
Citrix and Palo Alto Networks have developed validated joint solutions that provide you with best practice guidelines and resources to design infrastructure that achieves availability, security, performance, flexibility and visibility.




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