For those of you following along we’ve got a lot going on at Synergy LA (May 5-8) this year and for anyone not attending, you may be getting a little tired of hearing about everything you’re missing.  Well never fear because SynergyTV is here! This year Citrix is investing in making SynergyTV more dynamic and interactive than ever by adding in our very own newscast right from the show floor. We are really aiming to give everyone a first class seat to watch all of the action no matter where you are.

Tune in: Catch the keynote and many of the breakout sessions live on your smartphone, tablet or laptop so that you don’t miss a beat. See all the big announcements and deep dive into the cool new product features along with everyone at the show.

Go behind the scenes: Find out what goes into making a show like Synergy such a success. We’ll go behind the scenes to get live interviews from key contributors so you can learn even more about what we have going on at the event. Also, see all the great activities around XenCity including the Hands-on Learning Labs, Developer Theater and Real World Pavilion.

Interact: As always, Synergy will be embracing social media and you can follow along with #citrixsynergy. Additionally, if you want to reach out directly to the SynergyTV hosts use #citrixsynergy #tv to let us know what you think of the guests and ask any questions you may have. We’ll do our best to keep up with them all and respond as possible.

So now you know what to expect with SynergyTV this year and how you can take part, let’s take a look at our hosts for the show:

Amanda Saunders: Well of course, yours truly. This will be my fourth year at Synergy and I’m excited to be going behind the scenes to see how everything comes together. As a millennial who is addicted to my mobile devices I need to be constantly connected whether I’m at the office, at home or even while hosting SynergyTV. I’m very lucky to have Citrix technology at my fingertips which is why you’ll often find me demoing these technologies to customers, prospects, friends, family, really anyone who will listen. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @amandamsaunders to ask any questions and get insider information from the event.

Adam Jaques: A Citrix veteran, Adam has been with Citrix for about 15 years now, and has a global role running operations for our applied research group, Citrix Labs as well as driving all technical due diligence activities for Citrix M&A projects.  A true technologist, Adam has worked over the years on many technologies that make Citrix products great.  While Adam is able to take a serious and analytical look at market trends and technologies, he also loves to have a bit of fun and unofficially is still known as “that XenWow guy”. Follow Adam on Twitter @adamjaques

Between now and our first broadcast on Monday, May 5, we will be brushing up on our hosting skills with re-runs of Anchorman.

Until then, you stay classy, Anaheim.