The Citrix Cloud Platforms Group is excited to host many of its innovative cloud customers from around the globe at this year’s Citrix Synergy event in southern California. We’d like to tell you a little bit about these customer sessions so you can gain insight from them by listening to the real-world challenges they faced and why they chose Citrix cloud solutions to help solve them. From service providers to higher education to enterprises, these customers are demonstrating how leveraging proven Citrix cloud solutions can help businesses like yours on the journey to transforming IT and realizing your cloud initiatives.

Inmobi:Web 2.0 companies such as Inmobi Technologies are leveraging cloud architectures to grow the productivity of their internal Dev Ops team by delivering to them on-demand access to the computing, storage and various application development resources they need with unprecedented agility and efficiency. In this session, you will hear from the Inmobi Technologies about their use-case – the challenges they faced, why they chose a cloud architecture, how they leveraged Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack to address the needs and in this case to build a highly redundant internal cloud architecture to enable their Dev Ops and Operations team to architect, build and deliver a cutting edge mobile advertising platform to serve customers around the globe.
SYN233 Achieving business agility with cloud computing in data-intensive, media-rich, web-scale environments
University of Melbourne: Australian universities are leveraging the cloud to deliver on-demand access to resources for their researchers. This session highlights NeCTAR, a Super Science project whose lead agent is the University of Melbourne. UoM’s National Servers Program (NSP) provides a robust cloud platform for hosting core NeCTAR services for the Australian eResearch community. Learn why UoM selected Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, for its cloud architecture.
SYN122 – Moving Australian National Research into the Cloud (check the Citrix Synergy site soon for more info)
Autodesk: Enterprise IT organizations have been deploying Citrix CloudPlatform-based private cloud infrastructure and orchestration environments with successful business outcomes for a wide variety of workloads and use cases. Gain valuable first-hand knowledge about how Autodesk has realized substantial cost savings, operational efficiencies and service delivery agility through its journey towards private cloud computing with CloudPlatform.
SYN111 From the field: Autodesk’s journey towards an enterprise private cloud
SAP: In this session, SAP will present findings from its successful implementation of private cloud infrastructure based on Citrix CloudPlatform. Get a detailed understanding of best practices for implementing and deploying private cloud infrastructure orchestration and management platform solutions using CloudPlatform and Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager in vertical industries, including financial services, education, healthcare and government.
SYN114 Field report: SAP’s implementation of private clouds in vertical industries
SSI: Learn how Citrix CloudPlatform products enabled SSI to architect their private cloud infrastructure to reduce operational costs while increasing the speed and agility of service delivery. Take a technical deep dive with us into their proven cloud computing use case and reference architecture which helped them rapidly implement private cloud orchestration, management and provisioning environments using CloudPlatform, Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager and Citrix XenServer.
SYN227 Architecting your private cloud infrastructure for speed and agility with CloudPlatform solutions
University of Sao Paulo: The University of Sao Paulo’s USP Cloud supports 5,000 virtual machines in six datacenters in five locations, and delivers virtual desktops and apps to thousands of employees, teachers, researchers and students. This cloud infrastructure runs on Citrix technologies including XenServer, CloudPlatform, CloudPortal Business Manager and NetScaler, as well as NetApp and Cisco products. This session will describe how software with graphical requirements is being hosted and delivered by USP Cloud using GPU provisioning.
SYN235 Supporting graphical software in a cloud environment
NetApp: Hear how to simplify provisioning, monitoring and management of virtual desktops and applications in the cloud with a secure, multi-tenant datacenter. Learn how organizations have deployed a cloud-based desktop virtualization solution to thousands of users with a combined solution from Citrix, NetApp and Cisco. The benefits include simplified operations, orchestration of management tasks and scalability to thousands of devices and guaranteed quality of service.
SYN232 Building a standardized cloud architecture and self-service portal with ease

We’ll be highlighting our cloud Synergy sessions in some more in-depth blogs over the next few days as well as a full Synergy preview, so stay tuned! A full list of cloud sessions is also available.

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