Here at Citrix, we use big data analysis and share leading trends and findings via our Citrix Mobile Analytics Report. But that only tells us one part of the story. To better understand the drivers of mobile data usage, we surveyed subscribers to find out what they really thought about mobile data usage and the user experience.

The survey revealed that 61% of Millennials think it’s acceptable to use their mobile device while on the toilet, and 25% would use it on a date. Baby Boomers were a bit more reserved, at 34% and 12%.

More than half of parents (53%) would also use their mobile devices on the toilet. And 15% of parents would use it during an interview, as opposed to 4% of non-parents. Check out this slideshare presentation to find out 9 findings about how we use our mobile devices in daily life.

Besides indicating how attached we are to our mobile devices, the findings just might make you think twice before picking up that forgotten phone – you don’t know where it’s been! (Or maybe you do).