The Citrix MDX Apps are great for providing a secure, encrypted environment for corporate, confidential and classified data. The open-in controls permit certified apps to interact with each other, allowing the user to copy and paste data between apps in the same encrypted container.

But what about if you want to allow interaction with an app outside the container? Sometimes there might be a need to open a document in public app or open a link in an app that is outside the container. The Citrix MDX technology allows for these exceptions with ease.

Using URL schemes, it’s possible to filter the outbound URL’s that are passed from the app in the container to other apps outside of the container for handling.

URL Schemes make it possible to allow a phone call to be initiated from a WorxMail contact or a conference meeting link to be opened in the GoToMeeting Application.

URL schemes are a powerful way to enhance to usability of the corporate container on the device.

During the Synergy Session SYN309:  Secure custom or off-the-shelf mobile apps with the Worx App SDK we’ll demonstrate some useful examples of URL Schemes that can be used with the Citrix Worx apps.

Citrix invited the author of this blog post to present at Citrix Synergy 2014 and to participate in a related contest.  The author received an entry into the contest for submitting this Blog.