If BYOD were a sport, I’d be at least semi-pro by now. Why? Because there’s no escaping it –BYOD is quite literally everywhere. Now I appreciatethe actual concept of bring your own “something” is not new per se, but when we’re talking in the more professional realm of the business world, it’s no longer a “fad” – to the contrary, it’s one of the most talked about topics in today’s IT conversations. With 42% organizations already deployed and a whopping 62% planning to support by the end of the year, BYOD is now the new norm.

So, what is it about BYOD that makes it so attractive?  For me, just a brief mention of that catchy little acronym conjures up visions of simplicity, freedom, choice, mobility and even empowerment. Freedom to work without boundaries, or choose where I can complete my work because it doesn’t matter which device I use. It’s simple. Being able to bridge the gap between productivity, work-life balance and the average 9-5 (by the way, does that even exist in today’s world?) undoubtedly helps me work smarter, every day.

Statistics certainly seem to stack in favor of this new way of working too. I found it interesting to read that an estimated 67%* of employees routinely use their personal devices at work, irrespective of the official office policy (yikes!). I found it equally interesting that 66%* of companies allow, or even mandate to some degree that their employees bring their own devices to work. And now let’s fast-forward a couple of years and the prediction is that by 2016 38%* of organizations expect to no longer provide workers with devices at all! Okay – It’s  definitely time to get that strategy in place then.

Security is key

Consumerization is set to drive more IT change over the next ten years than any other “trend”. It seems that today people want the freedom and choice not just to bring their own device but to choose it too. And while there’s no doubt that providing users with the freedom of anywhere and anytime access can increase productivity, it can also create real challenges for IT departments. Today’s professionals have to mitigate risks, balance security and control, provision policies per scenario and effectively scale to meet these ever-increasing demands. Add to that multiple user operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows, the ability to run cross-platform is also an absolute must.

BYOD policies can vary significantly from organization to organization dependent on priorities and concerns. This article highlights seven best practices every organization should consider when developing their BYOD policy. Of course with a solution from Citrix, customers can implement an infrastructure that addresses all the key capabilities required to make BYOD simple, secure and effective for any organization.

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Lead generation and awareness

With 78% of B2B buyers starting their research with online search and over 70% of them deciding on the technology before contacting a solution provider, your website is a great vehicle to attract and convert B2B customers on their purchase path. This is where Citrix Syndication can help. With this program you can showcase your expertise and at the same time invite customers to learn more about how they can select and deploy a BYOD solution that’s secure by design for their organization. Content is provided automatically meaning you don’t need to worry about costly and time consuming web updates.

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  • BYOD Starter kit for success – Use this campaign to guide customers through the steps and considerations they need to apply in designing their BYOD strategy, featuring best practices, customer testimonials and white papers.
  • Designing an architecture for success – deploying BYOD needn’t be a daunting task as long as customers consider the full range of requirements for both users and IT.  This email kit provides the guidelines customers need when defining a BYOD approach that’s right for their organization.
  • Maintain security and control – Use this campaign to demonstrate how, with Citrix BYOD solutions, IT can embrace Android, Apple iOS and Windows-based mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and everything in-between – and still maintain security and control.
  • Make every day bring your own device to work day – The pressure is mounting on IT to provide instant, yet secure access to business resources, whatever the device. These guidelines show how easy it can be to securely embrace personal devices.

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*Source: Baseline Magazine Surprising Facts about BYOD and Mobility