Expanding the virtual network infrastructure portfolio

Citrix and Cisco have delivered the Citrix NetScaler 1000V, a best-in-class application delivery controller that redefines L4-L7 services. Building on Cisco strength in Unified Fabric and Unified Compute, and Citrix strength in intelligent, application delivery, the architecture runs on the Nexus Virtual Service Platform to provide a virtualized network platform that delivers scalability, elastic instantiation, and multi-tenant operation, all with a common approach to service provisioning and management.

The Citrix NetScaler 1000V is available via the normal Cisco sales and worldwide channels, providing a smooth migration path for ACE, GSS and CSS customers. The Citrix NetScaler is the Cisco ACE replacement product recommended by Cisco.

Reduced Overall Deployment Costs

The NetScaler 1000V helps control costs by using processing capacity already in place, including existing virtualized servers and associated resources. Multiple NetScaler 1000V instances can be deployed on a single server or Cisco Nexus 1100 appliance to optimize hardware infrastructure usage, without creating dependency on specific server hardware.

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