Do you have to be physically located in Silicon Valley to be on the cutting edge of Technology?

Many folks who live in the Bay Area believe this to be the case.  Despite other centers of innovation in places like Boston to Austin, Seattle to Research Triangle Park, many entrepreneurs continue to see the Bay Area was the only place to be.

However, this picture is changing fast.  A recent study published by Forbes ranked the metro areas creating the most tech-related positions in recent years. Along with more familiar names, the list includes up-and-coming hotbeds like Nashville, Indianapolis and Baltimore. And it’s not just the tech industry as a whole that’s spreading into new locations—individual companies are more geographically dispersed than ever, with team members in every corner of the country and beyond. That geographical diversification is great news for people in many fields. Companies can recruit anyone, anywhere, and people can take many jobs without having to relocate.

While we’re embracing this new model for hiring and employment, though, companies also have to adapt to the new way of working that comes with it. The most important evolution is in the tools you provide. To be efficient and productive, people need to be able to work and collaborate from anywhere. That’s what Citrix Mobile Workspace are all about.   It’s the ability to have your apps and data follow you wherever you are, on any device; to collaborate with people seamlessly anywhere in the world; and to have that whole environment follow you instantly as you move from platform to platform.

In case that deft segue into the Citrix business didn’t tip you off, I’ve recently joined Citrix as the company’s vice president of corporate product marketing. It’s my job to direct the go to market strategy for getting our products into our customers’ hands—and to make sure people are thrilled with the results. One thing that will make this a lot easier is that I was living the Citrix brand promise long before I signed on with the company.

At the end of the day, my domain, product marketing, is all about subject matter expertise and customer intimacy. When you’re looking for that particular blend of knowledge of business and technology, you can’t afford to be restricted by someone’s location. The product marketing organization I previously led for HP Software was largely remote, and I saw firsthand what a difference that strategy made for the level of talent we could assemble. More and more disciplines and organizations are working that way, and the trend is paying off in higher productivity, faster business agility and more satisfied people.

It’s no coincidence that Citrix, the mobile workspace company, has landed on this year’s Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards honoring the 50 best places to work. Among other things, our employees praised our “great work culture” and “great work life balance.” Meanwhile, Forbes called Citrix one of the best software companies to work for, based in part on the overwhelming majority of employees who would recommend us to a friend. We don’t just power mobile workspaces for other companies—they power our own business, and they’re woven throughout the fabric of our organization.

I know I’m thrilled to be part of the Citrix team, and excited to be working at the forefront of the mobile workspace revolution. I look forward to sharing more developments and ideas with you in this blog over the weeks and months to come.

About the author

Matthew Morgan is the vice president of corporate product marketing for Citrix.  In this role, Mr. Morgan oversees global product marketing for all Citrix solutions.    His background includes twenty years in enterprise software, including leading worldwide product marketing organizations for HP Software, Mercury Interactive, and Blueprint.  Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIN or visit his personal blog.