Command Center 5.2 Beta 2 is here with one of the key feature of this release – “Deployment Automation”.

This is a step towards bringing ease to administrators managing multiple deployments like Dev, Staging and Production.


What “Deployment Automation” Feature really solves?

Most commonly the deployments goes through various stages:

  • Development Deployment: Dev. team makes Application level changes and test corresponding NetScaler changes
  • Staging Deployment: Once Dev. Deployment Config is verified, the same configuration is moved to Staging for pre-production tests.
  • Production Deployment: Once that same configuration is verified in Staging, it is moved to Production.

This is a normal process followed but it is mostly manual today because there is no automated procedure which helps with the config move across deployments. With “deployment automation” feature the administrator will be able to seamlessly Move configuration & Audit the changes in a simple automated flow:

  • Select Stage 1 device
    • Stage 1 devices can be development/staging devices
  • Select from configuration executed in last n number of day.
    • This provides ability to select only configuration history executed in last n number of days to enable precise Config selection.
  • Edit Selected Configuration
  • Edit the commands selected with respect to the appropriate values which vary from deployment to deployment (like IP address) for the Stage 2 devices
  • Select Stage 2 device
    • Stage 2 devices can be staging/production  devices
  • Execute the Selected Configuration
    • Command Center takes a Config backup before execution of configuration
    • It provides the administrator options to perform following:
      • Save configuration after a successful execution.
      • Auto-roll back configuration as a command execution fails.
  • Assess NetScaler Key performance metrics after execution
  • You can have a look at the key performance metrics of the Stage 2 NetScaler and understand if there was an impact on the configuration execution.
  • Assess NetScaler vserver status/health
    • You can also assess all the vserver status after the execution.
  • Set Notification Alerts
    • Set notification for certain severity levels to monitor them closely after the execution
  • Get the Report
    • Get a consolidated Excel format report with:
      • Which stage 1 & stage 2 devices were selected
      • What configuration was executed on stage 2 devices
      • When was this executed
      • Which user had executed this
      • What were the performance metrics and Entity status at that point?
      • What were the notification configured at that time?


With this release we have also introduced a Software Upgrade Pack, making it easy for anyone to upgrade their existing Command Center QA setups and try 5.2 Beta.

These are the 2 key items we have introduced with Command Center 5.2 Beta 2 release. Feel free to try out and download this release and share feedback from the given link:

Download Link:

(Mail your login id at, if you are not able to access the page)

Feedback Link: