Let’s face it – there is a lot going on in our industry these days.  And being a good “Citrix resource” means knowing a lot about Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and a zillion 3rd party products.  It’s hard enough to stay on top of what Citrix is doing these days (and I work here!), so I can only imagine what kind of problems it poses for our customers and partners.  And more and more, I find myself saying “I don’t know, but I’ll get back to you”.  That is one of the most important things a Consultant needs to learn early on – you’re not going to have all the answers, but do your research and you better be darn sure you follow-up afterwards. And even more, I find myself not being able to figure everything out on my own anymore (I don’t have time to validate everything myself in my lab anymore, etc.) – but I have an ever-expanding network of resources and I pride myself on connecting people to those “in the know”.  So with that in mind, I thought I’d take a page out of Scott Lowe’s book and do my first “technology short” – I’ve always enjoyed reading Scott’s original articles, but sometimes, the “shorts” are even more valuable because he’s simply connecting people to other very smart people’s writings/musings/resources/etc.  After all, you don’t need to know all the answers right away if you know where to find them!  Here we go:

  • I’ll start with a real game-changer.  Did you know we enhanced PVS in the last release with a new killer wC option?  Due to the amazing performance, we’re already recommending to use this as a new leading/best practice wherever you can, especially for XA workloads where we typically have memory to spare.  Check out my colleague’s article on this new wC option and some of the performance tests we ran.
  • Are you delivering the PVS bootstrap via TFTP?  If so, then it’s almost a no-brainer to use NS 10.1 to load balance TFTP without the hassle.
  • Did you know we’re working on an LHC-style replacement called “leased connections” for a future version of XenApp?  Not to mention some other big-hitters for the FMA architecture like session pre-launch/linger, folders and a migration tool.  Long-live XenApp (and PVS)!  Just please don’t ask me about release dates since I can’t comment publicly. 😉
  • In case you liver under a rock, VMware recently bought AirWatch and announced an RDSH-based app publishing feature as part of Horizon 6.  We got some serious competition on the XenMobile and XenApp fronts now, which is great in my opinion.  Time to innovate or get left behind!  Did you also hear MobileIron is going public?
  • Did you know Cormac Hogan (another one of my favorite blogs/authors) is now up to 21 parts and counting on VSAN?  Truly an amazing series.
  • My buddy Dan Feller recently released some new Visio stencils for XA/XD 7.x, and the first couple “stencils” are complete architectures, which can be pretty handy.
  • My colleague Andy Baker recently updated my old “Top 10 Mistakes” whitepaper I wrote like 5 years ago (and updated last year again with some XD stuff).  Pretty interesting analysis, now broken down by both smaller shops and enterprise customers.
  • I get asked about Citrix and DR all the time. Finally (and I mean finally!), a few of us got together and wrote a couple fantastic articles on DR.  If you haven’t seen part 1 and part 2 yet, these are must-reads.
  • We (Citrix) recently changed our stance on XS and RSC.  Please see my old article that I recently updated with an “important update” at the beginning.
  • Doug Brown (original author of “MiaB”) is back and talking BYO, XenClient and DesktopPlayer.
  • Mr. Koetzing recently did a side-by-side comparison of the new StoreFront 2.5 release and WI 5.4. And everyone heard we now support XA/XD 7.x via WI as well now, right?!?  That is big in my mind, although StoreFront is catching up very quickly now and almost ready for prime-time.
  • Curious about XenMobile scalability, specifically XDM and AppC?  My colleague Ryan McClure authored an excellent article on this topic a couple months back.
  • Is Juniper getting out of the SSL VPN market?  Pretty crazy news.
  • Do you suffer from a bleeding heart?  Our Security team gives you the full run-down here.

That’s all I got at the moment.  As I said, a lot of important stuff happening in our “Citrix world” right now so I wanted to make sure people didn’t miss some of these important announcements and resources.  If this type of Technology Short format that I stole from Scott Lowe is helpful in the future, please drop me a comment and let me know and I’ll try to keep doing them from time to time.  Or did I miss something? Drop me a note and I’ll see about adding it to the list.

Cheers, Nick

Nick Rintalan, Lead Architect, Americas Consulting, Citrix Consulting