Up until now, I have been suggesting waiting for the iWatch for those considering a Smartwatch. The second edition of the Pebble and Galaxy Gear continue to improve, but the new Moto 360 now has my attention. Not only does it provide some of the features I’m looking for, it looks great as well. The Moto 360 and Android Wear additions will likely prompt a new wave of buyers beyond the early adopters.

IT will need to assure that any apps that contain company data including notifications like email and messages can be wiped if the watch is lost or if the employee leaves the company. This also means the EMM vendors like Citrix will need to start developing WorxWear apps for business users. The good news it also opens the door for innovative new apps targeted at these users.
If The Moto 360 takes off, it may even cause a crack in the traditional iDevice buying pattern. These buyers will give Apple the benefit of the doubt when given a choice of a comparable devices. However, continued iWatch delays will open the window for the competition just as the delay of a large screen smartphone has led to a significant numbers of iDefectors… Read more: at Wired.com