If you’ve ever met industry authority Doug Brown, you instantly get a sense of his passion for virtualization and computing. That passion translates into in-depth technology analysis. Over his career, he’s covered a host of products providing detailed step-by-step guides to help IT shops achieve successful trials and deployments.

Well, Doug’s at it again — this time for DesktopPlayer for Mac. Earlier this week, Doug released an independently created ebook describing how to deploy DesktopPlayer. Doug’s document provides thorough coverage of both the installation and deployment of the DesktopPlayer for Mac client and the associated Synchronizer management server. While the document is very thorough coming in at 350 pages, don’t let that intimidate you. Its literally step-by-step and has lots of screen caps so users don’t go astray. The actual deployment of the management piece should take a few hours and the client takes a couple of minutes.

You might recall that we released the first version of DesktopPlayer for Mac earlier this year to extend XenDesktop’s addressable use cases to include BYO Mac and corporate issued Mac scenarios for disconnected use. Doug’s new content is a great complement to your trials and proof-of-concept efforts.

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Interested in getting started with DesktopPlayer? Here are some key resources including Doug’s work:

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