XenMobile KNOX Edition for MDMCitrix has partnered with Samsung to deliver a fully managed XenMobile Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that provides the highest levels of security and control on KNOX-enabled Android devices.

Citrix XenMobile KNOX Edition for MDM combines a XenMobile user license with a Samsung KNOX device license and delivers it to the customer as a single product.

XenMobile KNOX Edition is available as an annual license for on-premise customer deployments.

What is KNOX?

Samsung KNOX is a technology and marketing initiative aimed at addressing security vulnerabilities associated with Android devices.

KNOX is a combination of hardware-based device security and a password-protected, isolated workspace known as the KNOX Container. XenMobile support for KNOX APIs allows IT to manage the KNOX-enabled device and container.

XenMobile KNOX Edition is best positioned for corporate-liable device deployments in highly regulated industries.

Why Citrix?

XenMobile provides industry-leading MDM capabilities as well as the largest collection of KNOX-verified Citrix applications available in the KNOX Marketplace.

KNOX-verified versions of ShareFile, Citrix Receiver, GoToMeeting, GoToAssist and Podio are currently available in the KNOX Marketplace.

Partners, find more information on the XenMobile KNOX Edition FAQ and other KNOX marketing assets on Sales IQ.

For more details, please contact Kevin Binder directly.

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