Rarely does the “build it and they will come” strategy work in the technology industry.

Therefore today Citrix is launching the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence  – a significant investment made on behalf of ALL of the  2,600+ Citrix Service Provider partners.  The singular focus is to accelerate the value their  hosted desktop businesses by providing industry-proven best practices, implementation resources, communities, and knowledge bases all specific to the needs of Service Providers. And we’re doing so with an industry-leading staff of Citrix professionals and business partners with deep experience to understand what service providers need to define, build, and sell high-value hosted services.

Core Components

The Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence assists creation of high-value, differentiated hosted desktop and hosted workspace businesses – along the entire lifecycle of planning, implementation, marketing and sales. To do so, Citrix brings to bear:

  • Best Practices and Implementation Guidance
    Guidance to help partners implement technology as well as business operations. Including a combination of Citrix and third-party resources to help partners market and sell more effectively – as well as manage company-wide projects to bring new services to market.
  • Implementation Partners
    Partners and third-party firms who assist Citrix Service Providers with specialized services tailored to the needs of hosted desktops. Services include both technology implementation partners (e.g. for planning, sizing, implementation and customer migration) as well as business partners (e.g. for strategy, operations, service definition, marketing and sales training).
  • Knowledge Bases
    Data assembled by Citrix to directly assist in business decision-making. Data from analysts, addressable market analyses, benchmark surveys – including decision-support tools for calculating business models and cash flow pro forma models.
  • Partner Communities
    Citrix Service Providers globally represent a vibrant community. Here we’ll gather together and engage partners with knowledge exchange, regional events, awards/recognition programs, validation and certification programs plus more. And active Twitter and LinkedIn Group communities to help keep partners up-to-date.

Prescriptive Citrix Implementation Approaches 

In practice, our new Service Provider Center of Excellence has most resources organized along three intuitive and easy-to-access tracks: Technology, Business and Community.  Each track has been developed and maintained by subject-matter experts, and has prescriptive resources for service providers at any stage of their lifecycle and maturity level.  That means we’ve addressed nearly every functional area a service provider requires.

The Citrix Endgame: It’s About Helping Partners Create Unique, Differentiated Value

Citrix invested heavily in our Center of Excellence to help partners accelerate business value… and to provide their customers with the most unique, profitable, and fit-for-purpose solutions possible.

  • For Service Providers – We help partners bring to market unique services all their own. That means helping combine Citrix products with third-party products, and developing industry and market focuses. The market for hosted desktops, applications and workspaces is expanding…  and providers have to meet the needs for customers in every market domain.
  • For their customers – Today’s hosted desktop customers want “finished-goods” services they can activate and use immediately. They also demand services, applications, and features that are tailored to their business.  Within the Citrix Center of Excellence, Citrix has strived to provide customer and industry information to help create this level of customer value.

In the future, expect to see Citrix even further expand this Center of Excellence with the latest resources, practices and technologies.  Our focus is singularly on helping partners bring to market the most unique services ever.  Additional comments and suggestions are always welcome!
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