We surveyed mobile subscribers to find out what they really thought about mobile data usage and the user experience.

It turns out that 82% of subscribers fear how much data usage a mobile app could consume and consequently curb usage.  Consumers also said they would use more data services if they were offered through a sponsored data plan. Specifically, 39% of subscribers would access bank account info, 33% would watch educational videos, 28% would watch advertisements, 21% would hold a teleconference and 18% would file an insurance claim.

Beyond the impact of data usage on people’s pocketbooks the survey also reveals that subscribers blame mobile operators for poor user experience with the harshest critics being millennials, who are more likely to blame the mobile operator for mobile video stalling (63%), than the content provider (37%).

Download the Citrix Mobile Consumer Survey results to find out more about mobile data usage patterns, the consumer response to sponsored data plans and what subscribers’ really think about the mobile user experience. (Registration required)