Video streaming traffic is growing by leaps and bounds. According to a Cisco study, the network traffic caused by video delivery will increase by 4x in fixed networks and over 24x in mobile networks in the time frame of 2012 – 2017.

Although this study focuses on video streaming on the internet, we can see a very similar trend within corporate networks.

The challenge for the corporate network admins is that even they keep on increasing the bandwidth of the branch office network connections, it is very hard to keep up with the increasing amount of data that has to be send across the pipe.

The challenge for the Citrix admin is that because of the much discussed mobilization trend, an increasing number of users connect to their XenApp or XenDesktop based resources via high latency / high packet loss network connections. So it becomes very hard to ensure the best user experience, especially when video or other rich graphics content is involved.

So what are the drivers behind the dramatic increase of the video traffic in corporate environments?

On one hand many workers require access to training videos, corporate communications (such as Global Employee Meetings), as well as product and news videos. In addition to the streaming of pre-recorded video, many organizations have not only consolidated real-time audio traffic on their IP network but they’ve also started to complement or replace proprietary telephone sets with softphones and Unified Communications apps, often including webcams.

The good news is that Citrix has a large set of technologies available to optimize video delivery, that reduce bandwidth requirements and ensure best in-class user experience.

In session SYN304 – Optimize Video delivery to the branch office using XenDesktop & CloudBridge at the Synergy conference in LA (Anaheim), Mudit Mehrotra and I will discuss the comprehensive arsenal of technologies available in XenApp / XenDesktop and CloudBridge (aka Branch Repeater) along with some sample architectures and use-scenarios.

See you in Anaheim!