PVS Upload

Some of you may have participated in TaaS user surveys over the last year, either at Synergy, or a part of a customer user group.  One of the things we asked each time is “What other product would you like us to support?”.  One product above all others was top of your wish-list every time we asked – Provisioning Server (PVS).

Well, you asked, and we listened.  The PVS team had already created a collector tool for PVS troubleshooting, so we worked with them over the past months, and refined the dataset to the structure & standards required for TaaS consumption.

At the TaaS end, we created a product profile so we could recognize PVS uploads, and began work on what viewers would allow users to review their PVS environment properly.

The TaaS PVS platform launched on April 14th, and already includes server & adapter overviews, as well as viewers for all PVS logs, and server event logs.

Each viewer allows the user a quick-glance overview of part of their environment, detailing out the key datapoints to help understand configuration & current performance.

In addition, several plugins for detecting common PVS issues have already been coded, and the TaaS & PVS teams are working on a pipeline of additional ideas to expand the range of PVS issues we can automatically detect. Plugins include known issues, as well as best practice recommendations.

Similar to all other TaaS Products, no support or other contract is required to use the TaaS service for PVS.  The data review & analysis is provided free of charge, with the only requirement being a Citrix Account, which can be created in just a couple of minutes.  Once you have your Citrix Account, you can upload as many times as you wish.

If you are uploading as part of a support case, all you need to do is enter the case number in the upload dialogue window, and the TaaS system will take care of notifying all the relevant parties once your upload completes.

How to use PVS on TaaS – it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the PVS Collector Tool
  2. Perform a data collection in your PVS environment
  3. Upload the Data at taas.citrix.com

… so why not try it out, and let us know what you think.

For further information on how to use TaaS, our future plans, and what product will be joining the TaaS family soon, come see us at our Synergy session, #SYN259 on May 8th 2014.