As we mentioned in our last blog, there have been great enhancements with troubleshooting in Provisioning Services (PVS) version 7.x through the implementation of Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF) tracing. In keeping with these enhancements, we are happy to announce today the release of PVSDataTools v2.5!

If you’ve used previous versions of the PVSDataTools, you will recall it contained two tools – PVSDataCollector and PVSDataParser. With the latest release, the PVSDataParser is no longer available and no longer needed. Instead, the data from the PVSDataCollector can be uploaded to the Citrix Predictive Support website (aka TaaS). The data collected from the PVS Server can now be analyzed and displayed similarly to the way data from XenApp and XenDesktop environments are today.

The combination of the PVSDataCollector and the Citrix Predictive Support website helps you troubleshoot issues in your PVS environment in the following ways:


The PVSDataCollector gathers the following information from your PVS Server and environment:

  • Microsoft Windows System Information
  • Microsoft Windows Event Logs
  • TCP and UDP Port Information
  • Running Processes
  • PVS Logs (PVS 6.1 and earlier)
  • PVS Configuration Files (PVS 6.1 and earlier)
  • CDF Files (PVS 7.x)
  • PVS Data (Farm, Server, Collection, Device, Disk, Site, and Store information)

Citrix Predictive Support Website

Starting Monday, April 14th, the zip file created by the PVSDataCollector can be uploaded to the website and analyzed as shown here:

Once the data is uploaded and analyzed, it is categorized and available for viewing.

The Server Overview provides PVS Server information similar to the following:

The Adapter Overview provides NIC information specific to the PVS Server. The following is an example:

Log files and other data can be displayed within the website as shown here:

If any issues are found, the website will display the issue along with resolutions or further troubleshooting suggestions.

The PVSDataTools v2.5 and detailed steps for using it and the Citrix Predictive Support website with PVS data can be downloaded from You will need MyCitrix credentials to upload PVS data to the Citrix Predictive Support website. Don’t have one? No problem! You can create one for free!

Hopefully you will find this combination of tools helpful in solving issues you may experience with Provisioning Services.

Happy Troubleshooting!