Every March, basketball fans look forward to tournament time. The tournament brings excitement, unpredictability, and Cinderella stories, making it a must-watch event every year. Citrix Education thought it would be interesting to hold a tournament of our own this March to get insight into the minds of our students. We wanted to find out which products you wanted to learn more about, when you wanted to learn, how you wanted to learn, and what you wanted to get out of a class. Much like the March basketball tournament, the Citrix Bracket Buster tournament brought excitement, unpredictability, and a few Cinderella stories of our own. Here are the highlights:

Product Bracket
Two of Citrix’s most popular products, XenDesktop and XenApp, faced off in the finals of the Product Bracket. XenDesktop cruised to victory, nabbing 63% of the vote. Despite the release of three new XenDesktop courses last year, it seems our students can’t get enough XenDesktop training!

Benefits Bracket
Here’s where the surprises started. In the first round, we matched up several personal benefits (e.g., increased pay) with benefits that would positively impact your organization (e.g., less calls to the help desk). In every instance, the benefit that would positively impact your organization won out over the personal benefit! Our selfless participants voted “Reduce My Implementation Time” to victory, garnering 83% of the vote in a matchup against “Mobilize My Workforce” in the finals.

Modality Bracket
The Modality bracket featured our Cinderella stories. The first round featured “Live Instructors” falling to “Case Studies” and “Virtual Instructors” losing to “Practice Labs.” When you consider that the vast majority of our training is delivered via an instructor, we were quite surprised to see the first round results.

Now, does this mean the end of instructors for Citrix Education? Not so fast. The winner of the bracket, with 63% of the vote in the final, was “A combination of live instructors, virtual instructors, and video.” We’re glad you love our set of world-class instructors as much as we do, but your votes show you’d like to access them differently than you do now.

Timing Bracket
The powerhouse of the tournament turned out to be “Anywhere, anytime” in the Timing bracket. The entry never got less than 82% of the vote in any matchup, and received a whopping 92% of the vote in the final matchup against “Evening Classes.” If they weren’t already aware, our voters will be pleased to discover that Citrix Education offers many of our courses through a self-paced online format that are accessible anywhere, anytime.

We were thrilled with the level of participation in the Bracket Buster, with voters coming from 22 countries, representation from the partner community and customers, and organizations large and small. All of our participants gave us great insight into how you want to see Citrix Education evolve, and we truly appreciate your contribution to make Bracket Buster a success.

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