As the Citrix team attends the CloudStack Collaboration Conference this week, there is a lot of customer momentum to celebrate around Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack. We issued an announcement today highlighting several global use cases, but I wanted to especially highlight that KDDI Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Japan, has been named  a finalist for the upcoming 2014 CITE Awards. Winners will be announced at CITE Conference in San Francisco, April 27-29.

KDDI operates in both the mobile and fixed-line business and needed to diversify its services across multiple networks and devices. In addition to its private cloud services, the company was also looking to offer public cloud services to its customers. KDDI wanted to provide all IT resources, including both telecommunications line and cloud data center services, to enterprise customers from a single KDDI source.

KDDI selected Citrix CloudPlatform over alternative solutions because it is an open platform with the flexibility and the product capabilities KDDI needed. Additionally, implementation of Citrix CloudPlatform has allowed KDDI to handle four to five times the number of new accounts with ease, lessening the workload for operations and reducing costs.

Since implementing the Citrix solution, customer satisfaction and new business have also significantly increased.

 Citrix CloudPlatform delivers a powerful, proven, hypervisor-agnostic platform that helps customers of all sizes build true Amazon-style clouds. Leading telecommunications companies are increasingly choosing Citrix CloudPlatform as the platform for their next-generation cloud services because it is the most proven and cost-effective way to build production-ready clouds on an open source platform designed elasticity and scale.

Congratulations to KDDI Corporation for the notable recognition of being a CITE Awards finalist and thank you for being a Citrix CloudPlatform customer!