Optimize Performance of Virtual Applications

Citrix NetScaler 1000V is an application delivery controller solution, and part of the Cisco Cloud Network Services architecture. It gives applications critical performance enhancements, including offloading application servers, helping guarantee quality of service (QoS), and improving end-user experiences.
Building upon the Cisco Nexus 1000v vPath ecosystem, Cisco has introduced the NetScaler 1000v virtual application delivery controller by Citrix. This solution is tightly integrated with Cisco Nexus 1000v vPath architecture and designed to address load balancing challenges in the virtualized application environment. Citrix NetScaler 1000V is a software-based virtual appliance solution providing critical performance enhancements to applications, including offloading application servers, guaranteeing quality of service (QoS), and improving the user experience.

Deployed in front of servers, the NetScaler 1000V virtual appliance is an application switch that leverages application-specific features to intelligently distribute, optimize, and secure Layer 4-Layer 7 (L4–L7) network traffic for the web, application, and database tiers. For example, a NetScaler performs load balancing decisions on individual HTTP requests instead of long-lived TCP connections, so that the failure or slowdown of a server is managed much more quickly and with less disruption to clients. Numerous load balancing algorithms and extensive server health checks improve availability by ensuring that client requests are directed to the appropriate servers.
In this lab, attendees will get hands-on experience deploying the NetScaler 1000V, understanding how it integrates with the Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch, and enabling a subset of the NetScaler 1000v features, such as:

  • Configuring basic NetScaler 1000v parameters and enable Nexus 1000v vPath
  • Binding NetScaler 1000v as a network service to a Cisco Nexus 1000v port-profile (per-tenant basis)
  • Configuring the HTTP load balancing and content switching features
  • Validating client traffic is being load balanced
  • Configuring and validating URL Transformations using the Rewrite feature
  • Configuring and validating SSL Offloading feature
  • Configuring and validating Application Firewall feature
  • Configuring and validating High Availability
  • Configuring and validating Global Server Load Balancing”

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The speakers for this session are:

Chetan Devchand, a Solutions Architect responsible for enabling Citrix platform partners technical teams on the Citrix NetScaler application delivery controller. Chetan joined Citrix in 2012 to support Citrix’s Americas Strategic Alliances partnerships, which includes identifying partner business issues and matching technology objectives, helping develop business value propositions around Citrix products and solutions, and drive sales with technical expertise and a customer focus. Chetan previously spent 4 years at Cisco Systems focusing on L4-L7 technologies covering technical sales for commercial, enterprise, and SLED segments in every vertical of the northeast and southeast USA. Chetan holds a bachelors and masters degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Tech.

Vivek Patel, a Solution Architect with Citrix Systems, he joined Citrix in 2013. He is responsible for helping Americas Strategic Partners with developing their practice and solutions around Citrix’s Cloud Networking Product Portfolio and also helps them integrate that with their existing solutions. He has years of experience in developing solutions around Layer 4 to 7 technologies, Software Define Networking and Cloud Orchestration. Prior to Citrix he held Technical Architect roles both in Sales and Business Development at Radware.

Gunnar Anderson, a Product Manager with Cisco Systems responsible for the Citrix NetScaler 1000V and the Nexus 1110 Cloud Services Platform (CSP). He is part of the Cloud and Virtualization Group at Cisco. He has been with Cisco for over 3 years. Prior to Cisco he held Sales and Marketing roles with Nortel Networks and Infinera.