Support for Windows XP operating system ends today, this means that there will be no more official security updates and bug fixes for the operating system from Microsoft.  Any customer using the 13-year-old software would be at increased risk of infection and compromise from viruses and malware.

The Windows XP migration imperative

For organizations yet to address Windows XP end-of-life, migrating off the platform is now a mission-critical need. Many factors may have contributed to the delay, from application compatibility challenges to budget constraints to the sheer scope of the project, but the cost of continued inaction is unacceptably high. Three factors contribute to the growing risk: security, compliance and rising complexity

How Citrix desktop virtualization enables faster Windows migration at a lower cost

Desktop virtualization lets you overcome the migration challenges posed by a traditional desktop architecture. One of the most important trends in enterprise IT, desktop virtualization decouples the client operating system, applications and data from the underlying hardware. Instead of installed software and data residing on individual PCs, complete virtual desktops are assembled dynamically on demand and delivered to whatever device the user happens to be using at a given time, whether laptop, thin client or mobile device. A single golden master of the operating system and each application supports every user in the organization, with patches and updates performed only once. Data remains secure within the datacenter and can be prevented from residing on the endpoint. Any data that must reside on the endpoint for offline use is protected through full encryption.

A Winning Combination: Citrix XenDesktop and AppDNA

The Windows 7/8.1 upgrade process can be greatly simplified using Desktop Virtualization. Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix AppDNA address the problem of application compatibility and application migration by providing application insight and on-demand application delivery of any Windows application across a variety of device types. In addition, it is simple for an organization to continue Running Windows XP side by side with Windows 7/8.1 for a period of time to ease the transition.

XenDesktop and AppDNA provide multiple tools and approaches to architecting a viable desktop virtualization and Windows 7/8.1 migration strategy. While the VDI deployment model may work in some specific use cases, IT needs to also consider how application delivery becomes part of the overall architecture. Companies that migrated to Windows 7/8.1 using multiple desktop virtualization delivery models with on-demand application delivery are already seeing great benefits and are able to scale the success across more employees and endpoints.

What about Desktop as a Service?

Citrix Service Provider program can help customers looking to skip the upgrade/migration and deliver their business applications, data  and desktop directly from the cloud.  Most SMB customers are short on IT staff and application/data migration to the cloud can be challenging.  Most Citrix Service Providers being expert in their own verticals help businesses with application and data migration to the cloud. No one wants an empty desktop without applications from the cloud. Citrix-powered DaaS gives secure access to the specialized apps and data needed to run the business from the cloud.  Get more info on how to get with Citrix Powered DaaS here

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