A tough economy, increasingly complex IT solutions, retaining and keeping technical staff trained and up to date on new technologies- it’s no wonder that solution providers often feel like a modern day Indiana Jones, navigating the IT vendor landscape in search of the Holy Grail.   To grow revenue and more importantly to increase profitability and customer loyalty; professional services has long been considered this elusive and treasured Holy Grail for the solution provider community.   

Understanding the difficulties in navigating various partner programs, CRN Research recently surveyed more than 1,000 unique solution providers of all types and sizes in four key rating categories – technology, financial, customer demand and partner relevance.   Citrix Systems, already well-known for its rewarding partner program was recognized as one of the “CRN Best Companies to Partner With

In addition, at the 2014 Citrix Sales Summit which included partners attending alongside Citrix sales teams, Al Monserrat, SVP, WW Sales and Services announced a key initiative to “Increase Partner Engagement”.    I couldn’t be happier to hear this since as Sr Director for WW Partner Services Programs; I am responsible to build scale and leverage with our partner ecosystem to successfully drive partner-led and delivered professional services for Citrix solutions to enable customer adoption.  

The importance of selling consulting services to a solution provider cannot be overstated.   As referenced in a recent IDC white paper, “Show Us the Money: A perspective on partner sales activity, revenue, and profitability” it was stated that the services oriented partners generate an impressive average in excess of $100,000 more revenue per employee than value-added resellers not services oriented.   Obviously, not a statistic to ignore as these services-oriented partners outperformed both gross revenue and profit per employee.  

So here at Citrix, we are fully on board and committed to helping our solution providers efficiently build and develop skills to successfully deliver services for deploying Citrix solutions.   We are working to create service focused programs to encourage and reward partner investment while providing the support our solution providers need to both sell and deliver on the Citrix Journey. 

Sound interesting?  Grab your Indiana Jones hat, and stay tuned as we work together to navigate this tremendous services opportunity!

Colleen McMillan