Some of the best conversations come from when someone you trust and respect challenges you to explain your beliefs.  Recently, a customer who is ‘all in’ on XenApp challenged us to explain the next step in our journey together.  They are moving into new environments where the basics of network connectivity can be challenging, and like all of us, want to offer users the very best experience, adopt cloud-based services and support an ever-increasing set of devices and platforms.

We took this to heart in the CTO office as a challenge to explain our vision around Mobile Workspaces – and the six key characteristics:

  1. Access to applications
  2. Access to corporate data
  3. Access to collaboration tools
  4. Access to the intranet and other internal resources
  5. Content access wherever people are and on the device of their choice
  6. Flexibility for IT to provide services over any network and from any cloud

I’m pleased to share the paper we produced:

We very much see this is an on-going conversation – and we always value being challenged by our customers and partners.  Whether you’d prefer to leave a comment below, or meet with a member of the CTO office in person at Synergy, we’d appreciate your insight and for you to challenge us on our vision on the future of Mobile Workspaces.