For 25 years, customers have relied on Citrix XenApp to help them through OS migrations time and time again. Typically, businesses host applications on XenApp to help with the transition in four ways:

  • Continue access to an application that isn’t supported on the new OS
  • Smooth the transition to new updates of apps by simultaneously allowing access to both old and new versions
  • Control variables that might impact the app, such as interdependencies between databases and report generators and compatibility with specific browser versions for web apps
  • Use the transition to make a strategic shift to “mobilize” all their Windows apps, and make them accessible from any device, anywhere

So as we reach the end-of-life for Windows XP, these types of “coping strategies” are top of mind for hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. What’s new this time around is that a number of organizations are also considering an entirely new style of enterprise cloud computing with Chromebooks. The attractive price, sleek form factors, and simple access to cloud-based application services are getting the attention of businesses, schools and government agencies, but they all face a common challenge – how to enable access to critical, line-of-business Windows applications.

That’s where Citrix comes in. Since 2010, Citrix and Google have been partnering to enable simple, seamless, direct, high performance access to Windows apps from Chromebooks using the Citrix Receiver for HTML5. The HTML5 Receiver offers the performance, power and bandwidth efficiency of our industry-leading HDX technology. That means that Chromebook users get high fidelity, seamless access over the cloud directly to Windows apps, side by side with native Chrome and SaaS apps – unlike some alternatives, there’s no need to log into a virtual desktop, then hunt for the application and launch it. Simply click to launch a XenApp-hosted app, and it appears in a new tab – simple and easy for end users to understand, so they can be productive right away. With millions of Windows applications hosted on XenApp already, this paves the way for Chromebooks in the enterprise.

And now, through a special promotion in collaboration with Google, Citrix can help customers migrate and save some money at the same time.

Through September 30, 2014, when you purchase Chromebooks for Business, you can get new XenApp Platinum licenses at a 25% discount. New for 2014, the XenApp Platinum edition includes a very important feature for Windows XP migrations – AppDNA. With AppDNA, you can analyze apps for compatibility with both new OSes, as well as virtualization. It can even recommend remediation options, saving you time and effort in the transition. Move those applications into a XenApp environment and enable instant productivity from those new Chromebooks.

While certainly any new customer will benefit from the powerful combination of virtual Windows apps and Chromebooks, this is also a terrific offer for any existing Citrix customer considering Chromebooks, whether it’s for XP migrations or any mobile worker. If your enterprise already has some XenApp infrastructure in place – simply use AppDNA to help migrate key apps off of Windows XP and onto XenApp and expand your licenses with the promotional offer to cover the new users.

By the way, we’re well aware of offers from VMware to provide Horizon DaaS for Chromebook users – but for the enterprise, this is a difficult and risky proposition. First, VMware can’t offer you any tools like AppDNA to help with the migration process. Second, to maintain performance, you’ll have to move the apps and all the associated data to a VMware cloud, which can be a huge project in and of itself. Third, your end users will have a confusing experience, launching a Windows DaaS service from a Chromebook and then navigating to specific apps.

A far better proposition for DaaS delivery to Chromebooks is to sign up with one of our 2,600 Citrix Service Providers. Not only do they specialize in turnkey app hosting services that offload the burden of management, they also are experts at migrating apps and data to the cloud – it’s what they do on a daily basis for hundreds of thousands of users.

To find out more about this limited time offer of XenApp Platinum to help you deliver Windows apps to Chromebooks, visit the promotion web page.