So you have your XenApp (or XenDesktop) farm up and running with StoreFront. Your end users can authenticate, see the assigned apps or desktops, and successfully launch them with Citrix Receiver. Now it’s time to deliver this solution to your remote users.

NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront Network Layout

We can’t forget about those end users that constantly travel or work at a remote office or home office, but you also need to secure the environment from external threats. This is where the NetScaler comes into play. All you have to do is create a Gateway vServer, create session policies and profiles for all clients, configure the STA, bind the certificate (full chain), configure LDAP, verify network communication…Oh, and then there’s the StoreFront configuration also. Sound a little overwhelming? Here’s an article that may help: CTX139963

But what if just one setting is off? It can break the entire integration. So how do you begin narrowing down the issue?

Here are some of those headache triggers:

  • Double Authentication Prompts: The end user logs into the Gateway successfully. But wait… StoreFront is asking for credentials again?
  • Cannot Complete Your Request: A generic StoreFront error, what can this mean?
  • Cannot launch <App> or <Desktop>: StoreFront is not sending an ICA file, why not?
  • GSLB Deployments: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. What needs to be considered here?

I’ll be covering all this during my session SYN401 – How to troubleshoot deployments of StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway at Synergy 2014.

Come learn about integrating StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway quickly and efficiently, while learning how to troubleshoot issues that you may run in to in order to avoid buying that bottle of Advil!

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