With the continued proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, companies have been struggling to find efficient means of managing IT services for mobile users.  Many vendors are promoting products with features that promise to help meet mobility needs, but enterprises are left questioning what their needs are, and who has the right answers to solve them.

The Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Mobility provide a guide for enterprises to frame questions around their needs from a mobility program, and offer a methodical approach to finding the right answers.  Join Citrix SE ‘profs’ & Consulting ‘profs’ at Synergy LA 2014 in the SYN106 ‘class’ on lessons with Mobility Critical Success Factors in the field.

Math (X + Y = Z)

Strategy =  Define + Plan

Design  = Decide + Architect

Transition = Build + Deploy

Monitor  = Manage + Measure

Foreign Language (Parlez vous Mobility?)

Strategy = ITIL Phase focused on understanding objectives and needs

Design  = ITIL Phase focused on turning system strategy into a plan to deliver business objectives

Transition = ITIL Phase focused on delivering new capabilities into a production environment

Strategy = ITIL Phase focused on managing services in a supported environment

Vocabulary (Green means Go)

Define  = Mobility User Personas, Use Cases, and Program Business Objectives

Plan  = Mobility Center of Excellence, App Value-to-Complexity Matrix, Program Iterative Roadmap

Decide  = Mobility Vendor Selection (RFP/POC), Policy Definition, Program Framework

Architect = Mobility Service Design, App Solution Development Patterns, Environment Infrastructure Design

Build  = Mobility Environments (Dev, Test, UAT, Prod) Build, App Build, User Acceptance Testing

Deploy  = Mobility EMM Communication Plan, EMM Training, EMM Rollout

Manage  = Mobility Operations Plan, EMM Vendor Beta Program, Device Lifecycle Management

Measure  = Mobility Productivity Report, Mobility User Satisfaction Survey, Mobility Operations Reports

Grades (Straight As!) 

CEO   = Gives IT an ‘A’ for an increase in productivity

HR   = Gives IT an ‘A’ for an increase in employee satisfaction

Legal  = Gives IT an ‘A’ for passing all compliance audits

Finance  = Gives IT an ‘A’ for a decrease in operational costs

Come to SYN106 and learn how to graduate Magna Cum Laude from your Mobility Program!!!

For more information visit: SYN106: Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Mobility

Matt Brooks

Worldwide Consulting Solutions Mobility Practice


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