OpenBoundaries is a UK based consultancy, founded by real CAD engineers looking to exploit cost-effective remote delivery of CAD, CAE and AEC applications. They have been running a number of trials of Citrix and NVIDIA GRID GPU technologies over the last year and are soon to be opening a new proof of concept and are looking for real CAD engineers and developers to try it and give feedback. I myself had a go in one of their earlier trials, you can read about my experiences, here (and more on the technologies, hardware they use, latency effects etc…).

I’m expecting this trial to be heavily over-subscribed, in particular the Open Boundaries guys are looking for modelling developers working on CAD software and also end users to really trial out genuine workflows. People who can do some modelling, apply a blend/fillet, extrude or layout parameter constraints – not just viewing parts. These trials will give the participants a real insight into how these remote delivery systems are sized, benchmarked and optimised and is a great chance to try our Citrix-NVIDIA GPU technologies including HDX 3D Pro at zero cost!

If you’d like to take part please email OpenBoundaries at: or catch them on twitter at:

Past trials have involved applications such as Autodesk Inventor and Revit but it’s expected to widen the range of applications and the guys are also looking to hear from software vendors who’d like to trial virtualising their applications.

OpenBoundaries have a lot of videos from past beta participants on YouTube, so you can check out what you are signing up to, here.

Other Info

If you are interested in this type of deployment there also great videos from the NVIDIA GTC14 conference, just released, including:

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