As you might have seen in previous blogs, I’ve been developing a set of low cost design guides for organizations that want to mobilize windows apps, refresh PCs and enable remote access to enterprise PCs (as well as a few others). Most of the time when people think low cost, they automatically think what you will get is pretty much garbage, but this is far from the truth.

Even though the solution is focused on keeping costs low, we still follow a few core principles in order to make the overall solution usable:

  1. User experience: The solution must provide an acceptable experience for the user
  2. Fault tolerant: We should be able to overcome the failure of any single component
  3. Scalable: We should be able to grow the environment without requiring a complete overhaul

These three items are not crazy, new ideas, but they are extremely important. What good is a solution that fails to live up to user expectations or is too fragile? In order to try to keep costs in check, we focus our efforts on minimizing licensing, server and storage costs (as well as a few other things).


Come on down to Citrix Synergy (SYN312 – Creating Cost-effective, optimized XenDesktop and XenApp designs), we got you covered in all virtualization situations. These savings are going to freak you out. You know what that means? Shapoopi!!! Save, Save, SAVE

Respect for anyone who know what that last paragraph is from J

Daniel Feller – Lead Architect