Those of you who have joined NVIDIA’s GRID forums might have noticed this post yesterday by GRID Product Manager Milan Diebel:

  • “GRID K2 comes in multiple thermal solutions depending on the requirements of the server. For instance, there are two different passive configurations and since January also an active variant. Dell in the R7610 adopted this card first. Now it is also available in the Dell T620 and VRTX. More servers to come.All these cards are identical when it comes to GRID vGPU or passthrough support since they just GRID K2s.The same is true for GRID K1. Today only a passively cooled card is available, but soon an active version will enable servers which require a cooling boost.”

What does actively cooled mean?

The original GRID K1 and K2 cards were only suitable for servers with active cooling (big fans and heat sinks in the servers), These new varieties have active cooling (fans on the GPU board itself) making them suitable for a whole new range of workstation servers such as the Dell R7610.

Are these the K1A and K2A?

Yes, in the industry many of us have been referring to these boards as K1A and K2A although NVIDIA do not differentiate in their labeling. This actually refers to Dell’s supply chain labeling of the cards, so you might see K2A on their literature and websites, but as Milan described they are known as plain K2 at NVIDIA and other vendors.

When can I get these cards?

If you just want cards you can get K2s now from NVIDIA and as Milan says K1s are coming soon. Server vendors shipping the cards will automatically include the right type of cooled card for that server. OEMs are planning to announce availability over the next few months and Dell have already, see here.

Don’t forget to check your server is on the XenServer HCL for GPU technologies

To ensure full support for GPU technologies, which I described in this blog. When using Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer – Make sure you check that the hardware you want to use is on your hypervisor hardware list such as the Citrix XenServer Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Where you can now find the Dell R7610.