Citrix and Microsoft have been partners for over 22 years offering joint solutions that  reduce costs and  increase IT flexibility and agility. As we continue to expand upon this successful alignment, we are pleased to offer solutions that enhance delivery for Microsoft applications particularly Lync, Sharepoint and Exchange. Citrix provides strategic points of control in your infrastructure to enhance these Microsoft apps with maximum availability, performance, and security.

We recently created three informative solution briefs around each of these three applications mentioned above. We invite you to go through each of these solution briefs to gain an understanding of specific technologies we use to provide you with an optimal user experience when using Lync, Sharepoint and Exchange with Citrix NetScaler. Citrix NetScaler applies optimizations to enhance application performance—such as caching, compression, TCP connection optimization, and SSL offload. By leveraging AppExpert templates from NetScaler, configuring NetScaler for Microsoft technologies becomes very easy.

Check out three new solution briefs from NetScaler for Microsoft.

Microsoft Lync –

Microsoft Sharepoint –

Microsoft Exchange –