ShareFileWe get lots of questions about the different deployment options for ShareFile, and how to best roll out the product in your enterprise.  ShareFile is uniquely flexible in that you can be up and running with a fully hosted deployment in just 15 minutes – and then expand the environment to add on-prem storage, Active Directory integration, legacy data access, and more.

Join Dan Brinkmann and I at Synergy 2014 – we’ll go over our takeaways from real-world deployments including:

  • SAML Active Directory Integration
  • Citrix-hosted vs on-Prem Storage
  • Enabling Enterprise data access with Connectors
  • Delivering extra security through XenMobile
  • New Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage Options

Helping you architect a secure data sync and sharing solution is a top priority for us – let us bring the flexibility of SaaS tools into your IT shop, while maintaining strict policies on security and control.

Sign up today!  SYN310: Deep Dive into ShareFile Enterprise Functionality

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